Reflections on Green Packaging (2)

2 Faced with the Countermeasures of China's "Green Packaging" Tide

China's packaging industry started late, and enterprises ignore the packaging situation is still very serious. In the international market, consumers in many developed countries put forward “4R” requirements for the goods they purchase, namely: reduce the initial waste of materials, refill the large containers, and recycle them. , Recover. Many countries have formulated various regulations for packaging waste. We should study the "green packaging" countermeasures in accordance with the needs of the world market and our country's actual conditions.

(1) Pay attention to packaging pollution and increase resource utilization

China has a large population and the total amount of packaging waste is high. Due to the loose management of packaging waste, packaging waste can be seen everywhere in many large and medium-sized cities, tourist resorts, railway lines, and river basins, causing serious environmental pollution. In addition, China is still a large developing country. Its economic strength is not strong and per capita resources are insufficient. However, waste utilization rate is very low, and the paper recycling rate is only 15%. At the same time, China has imported hundreds of thousands of tons of pulp each year with a large amount of foreign exchange, resulting in the waste of resources and the outflow of foreign exchange.
The development of China's packaging industry will increase the total amount of packaging materials such as plastics, glass, and metals. If we do not increase the recovery rate and reduce the total amount of waste, the degree of environmental pollution will further increase. Therefore, we must make the whole society pay attention to packaging recycling, fully and effectively use resources, reduce costs, reduce pollution, and reduce trade difficulties caused by packaging problems.

(2) Strengthen the development of packaging technology

From the point of view of China's export packaging, there are problems with poor material quality, poor gasketing, unreasonable transport strapping, unclean appearance, and lack of hygiene standards. In the face of "green packaging" requirements in the international market, we must vigorously promote the development of packaging technology.

The cost of paper in China is higher than that of plastics, which makes the environmental protection requirements of the packaging contradict with the interests of the enterprise. There is a contradiction between environmental protection and economic growth. To resolve this contradiction, we must increase technological content, improve technology, and reduce costs. At present, China's plastics, rubber and other industries have developed rapidly. Fresh raw materials have been declining. Recycling companies are lagging behind in recycling technology, and high collection and transportation costs have caused higher costs. The difference between the two is getting smaller and smaller. . Therefore, we must constantly devote ourselves to the research, development and utilization of new technologies and new processes, accelerate the improvement of recycling technologies, reduce the cost of recycled raw materials, and develop "green packaging" materials so as to occupy the market more powerfully in the further future.

(3) Strengthening supporting research

Recycling and recycling involve a wide range of areas and require organic coordination and coordination in all aspects, with funds, materials, personnel, and technical support. At the same time, it is also necessary to combine recycling and recycling with environmental protection, such as environmental damage analysis, to internalize the external loss of packaging waste, that is, to include environmental costs of packaging waste pollution in the operating costs, which is conducive to environmental protection, Also conducive to earnings.

(4) Improve the corresponding laws and regulations

As laws and regulations should be clearly targeted and mandatory, it should be able to effectively regulate the production behavior of packaging industry enterprises and the service behaviors of the packaging service industry as well as the individual behavior of consumers. In addition, laws and regulations should also fully reflect the "green" spirit, and link the environmental costs of packaging waste with the operations of companies and service industries, prompting them to save, simplify packaging, and recycle and reuse packaging waste. Legal regulations for packaging industry companies and packaging service industries are effective because they are the "source" of packaging waste.

(5) Strengthen the organization of the organization

Developed countries have specialized agencies for product packaging research. France has a national packaging institute consisting of 2,000-3,000 experts; there are several universities in the United States with packaging departments; and some countries have established packing associations. These have become the basic conditions for carrying out "green packaging" research. Most of the packaging research institutions in China are departmental ownership, and the research content is limited to the scope of work in this department. Therefore, the unreasonable situation of China's packaging institutions and packaging education restricts the further development of packaging research in China. Strengthening the organization and construction of packaging research and institutions as well as packaging professional education and training are all necessary conditions for China to welcome the world's "green packaging" wave. Therefore, the specific circumstances of our country cause full attention of governments at all levels and relevant departments.

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