Research Reagents-American scientists developed a new type of bulk copolymer solar cell

American scientists have developed a new type of bulk copolymer solar cell. According to the physicist organization network on May 29, chemical engineer Rafael Wilduzco of Rice University in the United States and chemical engineer Enrique Gomez of Pennsylvania State University The research team led by Sri Lanka has developed a solar cell based on a bulk copolymer (an organic material that can self-assemble can form different layers autonomously). Although the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the new battery is only 3%, it is still higher than Other batteries that use polymers as active materials. The researchers said that this new form of battery is expected to open up new fields of solar device research. Related papers were published in the latest issue of Nano Express. Verduzco said that despite the current commercial silicon-based solar cells, the photoelectric conversion efficiency reached 20%. At present, the highest conversion rate obtained by the laboratory is 25%, but since the mid-1980s, scientists have been intensively developing polymer-based solar cells, which are expected to greatly reduce the cost of solar energy utilization, but, The results of the research are minimal. Later, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells made of polymer / polyfullerene mixture reached 10%, but the material of polyfullerene itself is difficult to deal with. Verduzco explained: "Theoretically, bulk copolymers have great application potential in the field of organic solar cells, but few people currently use bulk copolymers to make high-performance photovoltaic devices. We believe that once we make The right substance and assembling it under the right conditions will result in extremely high-performance solar cells. "Researchers at Rice University found that a bulk copolymer, P3HT-b-PFTBT, can be divided into 16 nanometers wide Of the belt. What is more interesting to researchers is that this polymer is naturally prone to form ribbons perpendicular to the glass. Scientists created this copolymer on a glass / indium tin oxide (ITO) surface at 165 degrees Celsius. They put this copolymer on one end of a device made by researchers at Pennsylvania State University, and put a layer of aluminum on the other end of the device, so that the copolymer tape extends from the top to the bottom electrode and provides a strip for the electron Clear flow path. The researchers next plan to experiment with other bulk copolymers and learn how to control their structure to increase the ability of solar energy to capture photons and turn them into electricity. But at present, they will focus on improving the performance of new solar cells, because only in this way, they can solve other challenges including stability. Wilduzi pointed out: "It is easy to encapsulate a solar cell to protect it from air and water, but it is difficult to protect it from ultraviolet rays because you must expose it to sunlight. One point cannot be avoided. "The researchers said that once the performance of this copolymer solar cell is improved, they will find a long-term use for it.

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