Restaurant decoration "art"

The decoration of the restaurant is not a big project for the whole home improvement project, and its decoration difficulty is relatively low. The main points of decoration of the restaurant are mainly concentrated in the following aspects:

1, color matching

The general color of the restaurant is matched with the living room.
Because most of the current domestic architectural design, the restaurant and the living room are connected, which is mainly considered from the perspective of space. For the structure of the restaurant, the use of color should be warm color, because in color psychology, warm color is conducive to appetite, which is why many restaurants use yellow and red systems.

2, the style of the restaurant

The style of the restaurant is determined by the cutlery. Therefore, in the early stage of the renovation, the style of the dining table chair should be determined. The most conflicting ones are color, ceiling shapes and wall decorations. In general, their style corresponds to this:

1) The glass dining table corresponds to modern style and simple style.

2) The dark wood dining table corresponds to Chinese style and simple style.

3) Light wood dining table corresponds to natural style and Nordic style.

4) The metal carved dining table corresponds to the traditional European style (Western Europe).

5) The simple metal dining table corresponds to modern style, simple style and metalism style.

3, the choice of tableware

The choice of tableware needs to pay attention to the size of the space. Small spaces with large dining tables, or large spaces with small dining tables are not suitable. Due to the actual problem of purchase, it is difficult for the purchaser to take things to the scene for comparison. Therefore, after measuring the size of the preferred table, you can get a full-scale comparison on the spot. This will be more appropriate to avoid the inconvenience caused by too large and too small.

4, the choice of table cloth.

Table cloth should be based on fabrics, and there are many options on the market. If you use a plastic table cloth, place the necessary thick mats when placing hot objects, especially glass tables, which may cause unnecessary heat cracking.

5, the cooperation of the table and tables and chairs

Tables, tables and chairs are generally matched, but you are buying separately. You need to pay attention to maintaining a certain ergonomic distance (the distance from the chair to the tabletop is about 30cm). Too high or too low will affect normal consumption. Posture, causing stomach upset or digestion.

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