Samsung S5G9008W mobile phone fingerprint lock failure data recovery

Customer Name: Miss Liu, Beijing

Media information: Samsung S5 G9008W mobile phone

Fault Description: The customer's mobile phone fingerprint lock is invalid, can not be unlocked, need to restore contacts, notebooks, WeChat chat records, etc.

Data recovery process:

The Dass mobile data recovery engineer communicates with the customer about the damage of the mobile phone, and then checks the mobile phone to check the specific fault of the mobile phone. After that, the customer explained that the recovery plan and data recovery were successful, the customer agreed to recover, and then the data recovery engineer performed the data recovery operation.

1. Brush the third party recovery, use the Darth mobile phone data recovery software to extract the complete image of the mobile phone memory under the third party rec.

2. After the mirroring is completed, use Darth mobile phone data recovery software to resolve the SQLITE database such as address book, notepad, WeChat, etc., to extract the data required by the user.

Data recovery results: 100% data recovery success

Advice to customers:

After the mobile phone data is lost, please turn off the mobile phone immediately, do not store data in the mobile phone, and find a professional data recovery company that can do mobile phone data recovery to recover data. Darth data recovery, specializing in high-hard disk, raid, server, mobile phone and database data recovery, Beijing data recovery professional brand.

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