Screen printing UV ink problems and solutions

1, printed products have bubbles

Additives and unmatched diluents cannot be easily added in UV inks. If this happens during normal use, please contact the manufacturer for assistance.

2. Screen sticking substrate when printing

If the viscosity is too large, please fill in the matching thinner properly.

Increase the distance between prints and screens.

3, after curing cured or not cured print

Check for circuit problems.

Increase curing time.

Increase the power of the lamp

4, lack of ink film adhesion after curing

Select the ink that you want to print.

Whether the surface of the substrate needs to be processed.

5, the ink film becomes brittle after curing

Whether the ink film is too thick.

Select the ink that you want to print.

6, printed products have a pattern defect

The screen should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent excessive downtime and light curing.

Check the production of the screen for defects.

7. Insufficient or excessive ink film hiding power

Adjust the angle of the squeegee and the pressure on the screen.

Replace the scraper with the proper hardness.

8. Blurred lines when printing small text or fine patterns.

Replace the scraper with the proper hardness.

9, appear reticulate.

Appropriately fill in the matching diluent to reduce the viscosity.

10, version

Too much diluent, too little viscosity.

The mesh is not suitable.

Explanation: In addition to the above problems, there are also some problems that are the same as the coating, such as curing problems, adhesion problems, and air bubble problems. The solution refers to the solution of the paint product.

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