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Shanghai Ruitang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. supplies Germany Sera electromagnetic diaphragm pump, Sera mechanical diaphragm pump, Sera compound diaphragm pump, Sera safety valve, Sera backup pressure valve, Sera gas delivery pump, Sera automatic control air pump,
The German company Sera was founded in 1945. The Sera pump can be used in almost any fluid medium. Even aggressive, abrasive, odor, radioactive, flammable, viscous or toxic properties are completely reliable and safe. Sanor Sera provides dosing metering pumps, liquid transfer pumps, dosing devices and diaphragm compressors. Sera's dosing metering pumps and liquid transfer pumps are vibratory squeeze pumps that are highly safe and accurate when measured, ensuring the economics and environmental protection of chemicals during use. Select high-quality materials for the characteristics of the media contact surface to ensure the service life of the pump. Sera's diversified design solves a variety of metrology technical problems. This is fully reflected in the design of various pumps and dosing systems provided by Sera according to the customer's technical requirements. Sera's products meet economic needs and meet environmental requirements.
Sera's main products are:
1. Sera electromagnetic diaphragm pump, Sera mechanical diaphragm pump, Sera compound diaphragm pump, Sera piston diaphragm pump, Sera piston pump, Sera piston pump, Sera quantitative delivery pump, Sera high-pressure metal diaphragm pump 204 series; R409.2 series; R409.1 series; M 413KM series; R 413KM series; MK 411 K.1 series; RK 411 K.1 series;
2. Sera automatic diaphragm metering pump: C type electromagnetic diaphragm pump, C type diaphragm pump, C type piston diaphragm pump, control system - ProfiBus: C/CS 204 series; C 409.2 series; C 409.1 series;
3. Sera automatic dosing system: KKV automatic proportional dosing system, wall-mounted dosing system, small dosing device, single tank dry powder dosing system, two-box dry powder dosing system, three-box dry powder dosing system;
4, Sera piping system accessories: safety valve, pressure relief valve, no diaphragm damper, diaphragm damper;
5, Sera gas transmission device: gas delivery pump, automatic control air pump, LPG delivery pump, metal diaphragm compressor.

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