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Walk through the warmth of spring and welcome the flowers of summer. There is no way, it is closer to nature than camping. The best thing in life is to go camping with friends and relatives. Camping has narrowed everyone's distance and spread friendship, happiness and happiness will increase. In a small tent, it is this friendship of the four seas that sustains this friendship.

The first online camping conference of Seven Plus Two Mall will be launched. Seven Plus Two Mall will sponsor the group of seven plus two limited edition T-shirts and Q version of the bears. No matter where you are, where you are going, you can find us, call your friends, bring our T-shirts and bears, return to nature, you are the brightest star in midsummer night.

1. The team of friends is wearing a seven plus two-speed dry T-shirt, and the backpack is hanging Q version of the bear.
2, return a creative picture (not less than 10)
3. After the event is over, return the event sticker.
4. The camping conference attended by Yuyou requires that the scale must be more than 500 people.

Seven plus two speed dry T-shirt

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Q version of the bear

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Registration format: reply in the recruitment of seven plus two malls: recruitment portal: http://
1. Participate in the name of the event. If there is a link, please post the link;
2. The number of participants in your team;
3. Posts that you have published for outdoor activities (links are also available);
4. Your contact information (mobile phone number or qq);

Registration time: 2015.5.19-2015.6.30

We will promptly screen the team that meets the requirements and find you! Take action!

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