Shanghai No.1 Optical Instrument Factory teaches you to measure the external thread of the large microscope with the image method

Shanghai No.1 Optical Instrument Factory will continue to introduce its experimental steps to you:

1. Turn on the power, install the tested thread gauge firmly between the two centers, and align the circumferential scale of the worktable with the zero value of the indication.

2. According to the size of the measured thread, and then adjust the size of the diaphragm, it is best to refer to the meter manual to adjust the diaphragm.

3. Pull the column

4. Adjust the eyepiece

5. Aim

(1) Crimping method

(2) Alignment method

6. What are the main geometric parameters of the measuring thread?

Measuring diameter

The median diameter of a single thread can be taken as the distance between two opposite tooth sides in the direction perpendicular to the axis in the axial interface of the thread.

2. Measuring pitch

The pitch refers to the axial distance between two adjacent measuring surfaces on the median diameter line.

3. Measure half angle of tooth shape

Tooth shape half angle refers to the angle between the teeth measured on the thread shape and the vertical line of the thread axis.

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