Shanghai Siguo launches CSK-PA80 sterile pillow

Shanghai Shiguo Food Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has introduced the four-country aseptic pillow, CSK-PA80, in PROPAK. This is a high-end product suitable for the Chinese market and can be used for the filling of aseptic pillow dairy products. This product is the first time it landed in China. Compared with ordinary aseptic filling machine, this product is faster and more flexible! The device can be filled with 250ml and 500ml of two specifications, the fastest speed can reach 8000p/hour. In addition. Users can freely choose package materials according to their own needs.

Source: Packaging Machinery

The urban cheetah Robstep x1 flies you in the wind. Inspired by "the king of speed" cheetah in wild nature, Robstep x1 is designed by vw auto designer with over 100 times sketches and tested in lab and field up to 1000 times in two years.

The fashionable appearance and excellent performance make this product popular with many young people which can solve the problem of short distance traffic in the city. This Electric Bike can be folded up and easily picked up by one hand ,so you don't have to worry about terrain. 

Robstep X1 Electric Bike

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