Shimadzu releases unique technology to determine "leather hydrolyzed protein" in dairy products

The shadow of "melamine poisonous milk" has not yet dissipated from consumers' minds, and "leather poisonous milk" has begun to threaten the lives of consumers. After melamine became the target of crackdown, there were illegal companies to increase the protein content of dairy products by mixing leather hydrolyzed protein in the dairy products to create "leather poisonous milk".

Leather hydrolyzed protein is the use of waste leather products or animal hair, after hydrolysis to make powder, because of its high amino acid or protein content, it is called "leather hydrolyzed protein powder". The toxic substances contained in "leather hydrolyzed protein powder" are absorbed and accumulated by the body, which can lead to poisoning, loosen and swell the joints, and even cause the death of children.

To this end, the Ministry of Agriculture of China issued the 2011 annual fresh milk product quality and safety monitoring plan on February 12, which included testing for "leather hydrolyzed protein" and alkaline substances in addition to melamine. It is said that the detection of leather hydrolyzed protein is more difficult than melamine, because it is a protein. At present, most of the domestic reference to the 1978 edition of "ISO: 3496-1978 Meat and Meat Products L (-)-Hydroxyproline Content Determination" using spectrophotometry to determine dairy products. The main test method is to check whether the milk contains hydroxyproline, which is a unique ingredient in animal collagen, but not in cheese protein, so once detected, it can be considered to contain leather hydrolyzed protein.

Shimadzu, which has established the image of "food safety guard" in consumers' minds, has long been concerned about the safety of dairy products in China, and has provided a series of dairy product testing solutions for Chinese users. Among them, the Shimadzu Shanghai Analysis Center, combined with Shimadzu's unique amino acid analysis system and the amino acid analysis methods included in the European Pharmacopoeia, was the first to develop a post-column derivatization liquid chromatography analysis method for L (-)-hydroxyproline in dairy products.

This method uses the Shimadzu amino acid post-column derivatization system lithium-type analytical column to establish a high-performance liquid chromatography post-column derivatization analysis method for 24 amino acids in milk products. Post-column derivatization and sample determination are fully automated, eliminating the difference between pre-column derivatization The human error introduced by the operator greatly simplifies the sample preparation steps, saves time, and is a reliable and fast detection method. This method can be directly used to detect 24 amino acids in milk.

Shimadzu will continue to pay attention to the safety of dairy products in China in the future, and continue to practice the company's business philosophy of "for the health of mankind and the planet."

For details of Shimadzu's "High Performance Liquid Chromatography Post-Column Derivatization Method for Determining Leather Hydrolyzed Protein in Dairy Products", please see http: //SH100277/down_161189.htm.

About Shimadzu Shimadzu International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a local legal person company established in China in 1999 by Shimadzu Corporation to expand the scale of its business in China.

At present, Shimadzu International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has 12 branches throughout China, and its business scale is continuously expanding. There are analysis centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou; a network of sales agents covering 30 provinces across the country; and more than 60 technical service stations to build a complete system that provides good services to users.

As a global production base, Shimadzu has built a product production and supply system not only for Chinese customers, but also for the world, and strives to build a product production system that meets the requirements of the Chinese market. With the goal of "for the health of mankind and the earth", Shimadzu will always strive to provide users with more advanced products and more satisfactory services.

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