"Smart" packaging where children cannot take out drugs

British Faraday Packaging Partnership has developed a new packaging for pharmaceuticals that protects children from the potential threat of dangerous drugs. Although it is different from previous pharmaceutical packaging, older people can use it.

According to the company’s developer, it is not necessary to use force to open the medicine packaging case, but only the palm of the hand and the adult. As for children, they cannot get medicine because their palms are small. The company's representative, Pauline Ginger, pointed out that traditional medicine packaging often has to use additional force, but it is too laborious for the elderly. For this reason, many people pack medicines into more convenient medicine boxes, so that children can also easily get medicines. Only 10,000 incidents of child abuse of drugs were recorded in Britain each year.

After careful observation and analysis of users' opinions, corporate psychologists and industrial product designers have developed a simple and convenient package for medicines. The packaging has the same characteristics that must be assisted by action and alertness, and must also be on the palm of adults. Can open the medicine packaging.

The developer also pointed out that the new packaging also has an advantage that it can be used repeatedly, thus greatly reducing the amount of raw materials and garbage that must be used, and also greatly reducing the pollution to the surrounding environment.

Reprinted from: Guangdong Packaging Magazine

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