Solve the dry muscle of the early autumn to supplement the whitening nutrients

After a summer test, is your skin still "live"? Found no, after a summer, your skin seems to have dried up and become dark. Then in this early autumn season, you have to change, hold the last line of defense of sunscreen, grasp the whitening, let your skin come back white. Beauty editors will do this for you.

The importance of whitening in early autumn 1. The autumn tiger came: After the summer of metabolism, the skin has not yet had time to soothe and clean it into the autumn. Judging from the average daily temperature, it is the time when Xiayang continues to wreak havoc. The killing power of ultraviolet rays in the sun is increasing, bringing a greater test to the skin.
2, the time is easy to grow spots: For the skin that has been exposed to a few months of exposure, the next two months are the most likely to darken and long spots, because the skin's melanocytes have been activated Whether it is the amount produced or the speed of dissemination will exceed the normal level. In view of this, August is the most important time to add whitening power to the skin, both for repair and prevention.
3, skin care to change the season: August change season, the skin also senses the changes of the season, the heat of the day, the cool temperature of the night, it is easy to make the skin imbalance, dry and even sensitive, which requires us to pay more attention to the skin while whitening Bad condition, do some repair whitening.
Whitening Focus 1 : Early whitening, first of all to solve the skin residue away from the metabolic summer, the metabolism of the skin into the autumn becomes slower, and even the old waste keratin accumulation, affecting the light refraction, the skin can not be naturally light; The thick keratin is hard to stop the rich skin and whitening nutrition. At this time, the supplement is also in vain.
Key: Deep cleansing, restores translucent skin to white, choose the right facial cleanser. Since the amount of oil secretion from the sebum layer of the skin will decrease after the fall, it is best to change the facial cleanser with a mild moisturizing effect. Avoid excessive cleaning and remove the oil from your skin, causing tightness, scaling, and even compensatory oil. In addition, I want to whiten in the early autumn, to deep clean, to restore the translucent skin to white, it is recommended to remove the old dead horny! It can be done once every 1-2 weeks, but in view of the fragile skin condition during the season, it may be like changing A mild exfoliating product containing an enzyme or gel texture that replaces the more irritating type of frosted particles. However, if your skin has been dry and desquamate, it is not suitable for exfoliating.
Whitening Focus 2 : Solve the dry muscles in the early autumn, whitening can be reliable. After a summer air-conditioned room, the water quality of the stratum corneum is reduced, and the season is changed, the skin is easy to dry and lack water. Once the skin's moisturizing power is insufficient, not only will the metabolism slow down, the immunity will decrease, and the resistance to external stimuli will become weak. In this case, it will easily lead to a series of sensitive and peeling problems. In order to avoid the danger that the "muscle" is rolling like a snowball, you must pay attention to the basic function of "moisturizing and hydrating" that maintains the health of the skin. Do not solve the dryer, do not want to whiten the skin.
Key: Effective hydration, supplement whitening nutrients!
After using the moisturizing facial cleanser, add the moisturizing and whitening effect of the lotion, pour the lotion onto the cotton pad and apply it to the cheeks. Don't forget to lock the water after hydrating. In other words, after the lotion and whitening essence steps, don't forget to add a lotion or cream; this procedure is like putting a protective film on the skin to help the moisture be tightly blocked. The layers in the skin are not easily evapotated. This effectively replenishes the skin while adding whitening nutrients to the skin.
Whitening Key 3: Whitening in early autumn, winning step by step If whitening is a war, then summer can only be defensive, and now is a good time to start tackling. At this time, use some whitening products, you will find that the effect is very good, because autumn and winter is a good time to repair dark spots and UV sunburn, and the ingredients of whitening products have this kind of blemishes and repair sunburn.
The key: deep and quick-acting whitening, there must be nothing to say!
A lot of whitening masks are used, which can provide a lot of whitening nutrients in a short period of time, and the skin can be significantly improved through super penetration. Taking into account the sultry weather, the refreshing whitening essence is the best whitening product for this season. After the whole face is maintained, you can add 1~2 drops of whitening essence and massage in the spot to promote absorption. This will achieve moisturizing and whitening, while dilute the spots, insist on such whitening, whitening speed is faster in the summer, let you meet the fall with white and healthy resources.

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