Standard and main configuration of squash courts

First, site standards (international standard competition venues)

Width 6400mm, length 9750mm, front height 4570mm, rear height 2130mm, ceiling height 5000-6000mm, castanets height 480mm, height of front service line 1830mm, ground service line distance 4260mm from rear wall, half line will serve ground line and back wall from The center is divided equally to the left and right, and the serve area is 1600mm square.


Second, technical standards

Wall System: 8mm thick American Elastic Force System

Floor System: 19mm Canadian Maple Flooring

Glass back wall system: 12mm thick joint venture tempered glass and American hardware accessories

Third, the main configuration of the squash court

(A) Wall System


Material properties:

1. This product is a resin matrix. It is not a general water-soluble system. During the curing period after the gray material is finished, there will be no shrinkage due to evaporation of water in the wall, and there will be no problem of breeding algae or moss.

2. It is not necessary to repeatedly spray water to promote sufficient strength of the ash matrix so that it will not cause adverse effects or damage to the floor.

3. Because this product does not contain fiber, it can reduce the thickness of the gray layer of the wall and has enough pressure resistance function;

4. When the grey material is finished, its appearance is smooth and uniform;

5. It does not change its color under the high-speed impact of the ball and the continued blow of the racket;

6. Excellent prevention of reaction of the ball;

7. Easy to maintain.

(B) Hardware Accessories and Glass Back Wall System

1. High-strength hardware fittings are made of aluminum alloy parts specially made by professional factories, which are more than 20% stronger than other aluminum fittings, and have beautiful appearance, strong fatigue resistance, easy installation, and fine processing.

2. All the glass back wall system structures are made of 12 mm thick safety tempered glass; all edges are sanded; the outer side of the joint between the plate and the plate is uniformly supported.

3. Good safety performance:

Safety performance is the most important focus. Each part of the system has been repeatedly tested for safety and can withstand strong shocks and heavy loads. If the door panel or the wing support plate accidentally breaks, the glass will be crushed into small, round blunt pieces that will not harm the human body.

(III) Floor System

Material properties:

1. Good rebound performance on the ball;

2. Shock absorption and shock resistance;

3. Good sound insulation

4. The unique elastic cushion provides unique elasticity and heavy pressure for the hard maple floor, which reduces the opportunity for athletes to suffer from bouncing on the floor.

Fourth, the site size


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