Stealing the T-Taiwan Beans to play the neutral trend

The room for neutral makeup is often much larger than we thought, with a thick smoked makeup, a clean hair, a suit and a cold expression... let us steal the peas from the T-stage. Let's go.

Stealing T-Tai Ma Dou

Facial make-up

To become a neutral girl, smoky makeup is essential, whether it is black smoke or purple smudge, it can reflect the male's neatness, but also the woman's birth. The eyebrows are tougher to draw, and the tails of the eyebrows should be straight and clean. If you choose gray, it will be too clever, but the brown will be neutral and playful.

Stealing T-Tai Ma Dou

Hair style matching

The lip color is also very important, it can be a clear nude lip gloss, or a bright bright lipstick, the former is green and tender, the latter is sharp and sexy. The bold girl can try the bottom of the wheat color and challenge the neutral wild sexy with Bellow. Bellow's clean hair is undoubtedly the object of worship of the neutral trend, occasionally fluffy and scattered like adolescent angry youth boy. How can you not provoke others to love?

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