Study shows that American youth sports participation is declining

Study shows that the participation of American youth sports has declined. Date:2015-08-19 03:16

Recently, research conducted by the American Sports and Fitness Industry Association showed that over-emphasizing sports specialization makes more and more children unwilling to participate in sports. In 2014, the proportion of children who did not participate in sports reached nearly 20%, continuing the six-year upward trend.

In the past five years, the number of participants in group sports decreased by an average of 5.9% in the same age group. Currently, there are only 2.01 persons per team. Since 2009, the only player in the team sports that has been on the rise is the ice hockey program.

American hockey, an internal survey found that 43% of children gave up the sport when they were 9 years old and made changes by reducing the law of change to reverse the decline of the sport and increase the number of participants by 44%.

The U.S. Olympic Committee has introduced more encouragement policies through the use of hockey sport strategies to increase sports participation. Policies include encouraging athletes to participate in other sports and recommending other national management agencies to follow suit.

We found out that our sport is the educational philosophy of many parents that is known as “Thank you!”, but this is not true. Ken Mater, Technical Director of U.S. Field Hockey Development Program stated that I’m glad that someone can really say that regular exercise is to Keep up with the competitive youth. .

Parents compete to put their children into a competitive team to receive expert coaching development skills, and to allow children to participate in the competition concept of major competitions makes youth sports become a lucrative industry, especially for event organizers. It is profitable. Travel expenses, practice hours, and other needs increase the financial burden on the player’s family. This phenomenon encourages athletes to emphasize professionalism and then choose a sport in advance. Under the leadership of the hockey sports program, regulators are trying to change.

Let us work together to solve this problem. This is a step in the right direction, said Jim Torre, chief executive officer and executive director of American Basketball. The legislative space is too big to define. What we are trying to do is to educate people, including coaches and parents, to keep children in the right direction when they are young. Until you can solve greed, this difficult problem. But the premise is to get the correct information.

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