Summer skin care acne book

Looking at the acne from time to time on the face, there is a trend that is different, are you also a headache? But we can't because of this, we will break the cans, and we should do preventive work in time. This summer, bid farewell to acne from now on.

Summer skin care acne book

1. Check the cause of the acne. The reason for the growth of acne is to comprehensively analyze from the aspects of diet, work and rest, environment, sebaceous hair follicles, etc., to find the right cause and the right medicine, in order to make acne disappear forever.

2, early treatment. When you find that there is acne in the rush (red, a bit hard, you have a hunch that it will grow up into acne), you can pick up anti-inflammatory acne medications or ingredients more simple acne care products, take Some points on the acne, 1 to 2 hours to make a rub, there is a great chance to suppress acne.

3. Moderately clean. “Cleaning, keeping pores open and reducing oil secretion” is the only way to fight acne, but if you use excessively cleansing the skin or use too much lotion, you will achieve the opposite effect. Moderate oils and fats can protect the skin, and oil and water balance acne will also decrease.

4, oil control at the same time to replenish water. Most of the acne muscles are oily skin, a veritable large oil field. For this reason, many acne muscles are desperately controlling oil, but they are not well moisturized. They do not know that when the skin is dry, more oil will be secreted to protect the skin.

5, sunscreen should be done. Some people think that sunscreen will clog pores, so they don't dare to wipe the sun. In fact, the overload of ultraviolet radiation will make the pigmentation of acne marks worse. Therefore, the acne muscle must be applied with a refreshing sunscreen 20 minutes before going out. After returning, use a mask to carry out first aid to prevent the acne marks from getting worse. Finally, use the repair products for calming and repairing.

Misunderstandings in acne

1, acne stickers can not be messed up. Many MM stick with acne when the acne is red and swollen, and the acne that is stuffed with acne can become more serious because it can't breathe. The correct usage should be after the acne is removed, which will help the skin to recover without leaving acne scars.

2, acne can not be squeezed. Extrusion of acne by hand can cause secondary infections due to bacteria on the hands, or leave a permanent recess. But the squeeze on the method squeezes the opportunity. One is to pick it up when it is acne, and the other is when yellow white pus comes out. Squeezing acne during other redness periods will only make the inflammation more severe and the recovery period will be longer. When you are squeezing, be careful not to break the skin, so you won't leave acne scars.

3, can not use the tear mask. Long acne skin is inherently fragile, and often using a tear-off mask can break the inflamed area and cause large pores.

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