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When buying sunglasses, first check the quality of the lenses. When choosing, pay attention to the surface of the lens to be smooth, without wear marks, bubbles, place the lens flat, and see no warping of the lens from the horizontal direction. Sunglasses can be taken 45 cm away from the eye, through the glasses to observe the surrounding vertical and horizontal lines, such as window frames or door frames, etc., and then move the glasses up and down. If it is found that the straight line is curled or oscillated, the lens is deformed and should not be purchased. Uneven or traced, bubble lenses, wearing a dizziness and other uncomfortable feeling, should not buy.

Second, we should pay attention to the color of the lens. To protect the eyes from infrared and ultraviolet radiation, the color of the glasses should be deep enough. Generally dark gray is preferred, dark brown and black are the second, blue and purple are the worst because both lenses will pass more UV light. Do not use yellow, orange and light red. It is best to choose a product that is clearly labeled with 100% UV protection on the label. Sunglasses should only be worn under the hot sun. There is no need to wear it on cloudy days and indoors.

The dark green lens absorbs heat and brings cool feeling, but it has low transparency and sharpness. It is suitable for wearing in the sun and should not be worn while driving.

Gray lenses are moderate lenses that can be discerned when worn.

The brown lens can block the reflected light on the surface of the smooth and bright object, and the wearer can see the subtle part, which is the driver's choice.

Blue Lens Blue is the most popular sunglasses this year. Blue can effectively filter out the light blue in the sky.

Consumers should fully consider manufacturing costs, sales services and other links. The quality of twenty to thirty yuan sunglasses is often not guaranteed. To larger glasses store or large shopping mall glasses counter to buy, generally can make products in the quality inspection, health inspection and other aspects are better guaranteed.

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