Talking about the application of washable transparent sticker

Washable appear transparent sticker effective solution to the above-described transparent sticker can not be separated from the bottle. And, beer manufacturers can use existing bottle washing equipment for washing, without adding new equipment.

As early as 1996, some foreign institutions began to study the technology of washable transparent self-adhesive labels and applied for a number of invention patents.

Among them, St ienbeis PPL developed a washable transparent self-adhesive label technology with PET shrink film and PVC shrink film as the surface material and acrylate pressure sensitive adhesive as adhesive in 1999; S pear company in 2005 Developed Thermo Wash washable transparent label technology, using the process of coating or printing coating under pressure sensitive adhesive layer to achieve the desired washable effect.

In 2008, washable transparent stickers began commercial use in the European and Chinese markets. Up to now, China's West Lake Green Rain, Xuejin Lanzun Pure Health, Zhujiang Pure Health, Snowflake Pure Life, Tiger Brand and other beer products have successfully applied washable transparent self-adhesive labels. Washable transparent self-adhesive labels have become one of the inevitable trends in the development of Chinese beer stickers.

(1) Principle of washable transparent self-adhesive label At present, washable transparent self-adhesive labels are mainly divided into the following three categories according to product structure and washing principle.

1. Shrinkable washable transparent sticker. The contraction force of the surface material in the lye at 50-90 ° C is used to overcome the adhesive force of the pressure-sensitive adhesive on the bottle body, so that the label is separated from the bottle body in a short time, thereby achieving the effect of washing the label. The shrinkable surface of the shrinkable transparent self-adhesive label is mainly a heat shrinkable material such as a polyvinyl chloride shrink film and a polyester shrink film which have moderate shrinkage and shrinkage force, and can also be combined with a common film by using a heat shrinkable film. Or coextruded materials. The choice of pressure sensitive adhesive is a key factor, to ensure rapid elution and no residue after prolonged resistance to aging. At present, some manufacturers at home and abroad have used such processes to produce shrinkable washable transparent self-adhesive labels.

2. Expandable washable transparent sticker. Expandable washable transparent self-adhesive labels are typically polypropylene/ethylene vinyl acetate coextrudates, polyacrylate/polyethylene coextrudates, and polyacrylate/ethylene vinyl alcohol coextrudates. Since the surface material is a co-extruded material of various materials, the linear thermal expansion coefficients of different materials are different. Therefore, the expandable washable transparent self-adhesive label is obtained by using different degrees of curling of the coextruded layer of the surface material under a certain temperature condition. Detach from the bottle. There are two factors to note here: First, the difference in linear expansion coefficient between the coextruded materials that make up the face material is large enough so that the face material can fully overcome the bonding force of the pressure sensitive adhesive; secondly, the temperature of the lye is also required. Because the expansion curling force of the coextrudate is limited, it cannot be relied on to achieve de-labeling. At 50 to 90 ° C, the pressure sensitive adhesive will have a lower adhesion than at room temperature, which is more conducive to de-labeling.

3. Penetration washable transparent sticker. The surface material of the infiltible washable transparent self-adhesive label is made of a transparent film material with good water permeability such as cellophane. When the temperature is 50-90 ° C, the alkali liquid can quickly react with the pressure-sensitive adhesive through the surface material, so that the pressure-sensitive adhesive is Loss of adhesion in a short time, causing the label to fall off. The pressure sensitive adhesive that penetrates the washable transparent sticker may be either alkali soluble or non-alkali soluble. When the non-alkali-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive encounters a high-temperature lye, its viscosity is lowered, and finally the de-marking is achieved.

(2) Printing process of washable transparent sticker

Washable transparent self-adhesive labels can be printed by conventional processes such as gravure printing, UV flexo printing, screen printing, offset printing, etc., and can be printed according to customer requirements (with coating equipment), and combined with printing and printing. The process route is the same as the printing requirements and processes of ordinary film adhesive materials.

The above content is selected from the second issue of “ Printing Technology ” of Keyin Media in 2011. For more journal content, please pay attention to the journal channel .

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