Teach you to draw a color eye makeup

Whether it is Fan Bingbing's European fashion contrast color, or Shang Wenyi's Pop color, or Zhang Jingchu's low-key natural color, each color eye makeup is a stealing weapon.

Contrast eye makeup

Contrast eye makeup

The use of color and contrast colors is very lively and cheerful, especially in the party, the sharp contrast will make you an absolute focus. Although the color contrast, but also can not ignore the layering, the common contrast color is light yellow, green, light green brown and so on. Contrast color, the thick color only uses a little, but more prominent light-colored jump. Turquoise Blue and Matcha Green are the most IN eye shadows of this year. They are more able to express the "sweet ice" feeling in the popular makeup. Although the color is full, the brightness and transparency are very high. A lively MM can try a combination of orange turquoise blue.
Makeup Description In order to highlight the bright eye makeup, minimize the makeup color of other parts. Discard the same color eye shadows and decorate your eyes with at least three colors that are the least suitable. The upper eyelid is covered with a light blue color from the outer corner of the eye to the inside, and it can be applied to one third. The inner corner of the eye is pink and the lower part of the eyeliner is orange. The entire makeup is very fresh and natural.
Step1 to Step3
1. Use pearlescent powder to make a base: Apply a glossy pearlescent eye shadow to the upper eyelids to make the eye area evenly bright.
2, the application of glossy light purple: from the beginning of the eye to the top of the pupil, a large area of ​​blooming light purple eyeshadow.
3. Apply blue-green to the end of the eye: Apply a blue-green eye shadow at the end of the eye, and naturally transition with the purple eye shadow. There must be no boundary line.
Step4 to Step6
4, to create a contrast effect: the use of higher-saturated orange eyeshadow to create the next eye shadow, contrast color is full of whimsy.
5, outline a smooth eyeliner: use eyeliner to outline the smooth lines to increase the sense of femininity, pay attention to fill the gaps in the eyelashes.
6, clip out the cute upturned eyelashes: the clip eyelashes are divided into three sections, from the root, the middle, to the eyelash tip clips cute curvature.
Step7to Step8
7. Paste the natural false eyelashes: Use the false eyelashes to hold the false eyelashes, put them on the top of the eyelashes and gently press them firmly.
8. Fusion of true and false eyelashes: Use mascara to bond the two layers of eyelashes together to make the true and false eyelashes blend naturally.
9, the color of the eye makeup finish effect to create a collision color makeup you also need to pay attention to the tips
●When the foundation is applied, the part of the eyelids is selected to be decorated with a professional eye base product, which not only prolongs the durability of the eye makeup, but also better expresses the color of the eye shadow.
● Remember to match the same color brightness when choosing colors, for example, to create a bright fruit makeup, or soft marshmallow LOOK to see your mood!
● Of course, you can also play a small color makeup, brush the upper and lower eyelashes in different colors, have fun...
● Remember that the entire makeup can only be colored in one part, and the other parts should be diluted as much as possible, otherwise it is like a lost clown in the circus!
● In order to make the color saturation more obvious, you have to cover the darkness and dark circles around the eyes on the makeup. If you feel that you can't achieve the ideal chroma with a brush, you can use a sponge stick or a finger. Come and try it out.

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