Technological innovation breaks through the bottleneck in the development of food packaging machinery industry

[ppzhan Abstract] With the improvement of people's living standards, the fast-moving consumer goods industry such as food has developed rapidly. This naturally led to the development of the packaging industry, and food packaging as a key part of the food production chain has become the focus of attention. While all major enterprises are striving to reduce costs, China's food production enterprises are also more interested in domestically produced equipment, but China's food packaging machinery is still not satisfactory in key equipment and key technologies, so technological innovation is needed to promote food packaging machinery. Industry development.

With the rapid development of China's food industry in recent years, the competition of various manufacturers has become increasingly fierce, which has led to the development of the related processing and food packaging machinery industry. The focus of domestic food industry competition with serious industrial structure homogenization is focused on new product development, market preemption and technology upgrade. Except for a few dairy giants, most companies are looking for their own limited resource advantages. Transforming into an effective way of market economic efficiency, looking for a space for survival and development.

Due to the limited funds, if they want to change the "bottleneck" of food development with limited "technical conditions", they need to choose processing and packaging machinery with good cost performance and reasonable operating costs. Because foreign products are expensive, they will give more hope. It is placed on domestic food packaging machinery that is relatively cheap.

At present, domestic food packaging machinery has formed a relatively complete product system in terms of common technology and conventional equipment, but it is still unsatisfactory in key equipment and key technologies. In the context of the booming Chinese food industry, people have neglected the development of an indispensable part of the food packaging machinery technology industry chain.

Today, key business transformations must continue to optimize processes through research and development to reduce prices and increase market competitiveness. Although the domestic food packaging machinery industry has taken the initiative in the domestic market, it still lacks the ability to meet the equipment. Further improving the industry concentration, optimizing the production capacity structure, and improving the R&D and production capacity of packaging equipment will become the basic requirements for the completion of the world packaging center.

We believe that the transformation of food packaging machinery has gradually revealed its strong development momentum, and the automation and intelligence of equipment will be greatly improved. At the moment, the new packaging models with intelligent and automated functions will gradually replace the tradition into the mainstream of the future. This is an effective way for food packaging machinery companies to maintain development, and it is also the purpose of technological reform.

In the next few years, China's food packaging will require more convenience and safety, which will become more and more strict on food packaging equipment. This requires the automation, safety and efficiency of domestic food packaging machinery, food packaging machinery to The development of automation and variable frequency speed regulation has become an inevitable trend. At this time, enterprises can only occupy more markets by developing equipment suitable for market demand.

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