Test your body for hypoxia

As the saying goes: "The water is not rotted, and the household is not shackled." That is to say, things that move regularly are not easy to grow mites and are not easily eroded. The same applies to skin care. Facial Sports Beauty This beauty method is suitable for any type of skin. It is divided into four steps, simple and safe. The principle of this method is mainly through massage and tapping, and at the same time, with some small gymnastics, the skin is exercised, thereby improving the blood circulation of the facial skin, increasing the metabolism function, and achieving the purpose of beautiful skin.

Medical research has shown that the adrenal gland produces acne if it secretes too much androgen. Aerobic exercise can reduce the secretion of androgen in the body and effectively control the appearance of acne. Do more aerobic exercise not only can greatly increase the cell's activity, effectively promote the elimination of skin toxins, but also help the production of collagen, make the skin in the best physiological state, remove wrinkles and prevent the occurrence of acne or acne.

Test your body for hypoxia

The following tests can measure if your skin is deprived of oxygen :

Long-term living in air-conditioned rooms, air conditioning temperature is the same standard all year round. Living in a closed space. At home or in the office, doors and windows are rarely opened. Walking on the road by car, because of the aversion to the outside, dust, the window is closed. Go less or not go to the gym. Living in a densely populated, crowded environment, shopping all day, crowding buses. It is very addicted to smoking, or it is often forced to smoke second-hand smoke. Hands and feet are often cold. The skin is dull and even shows a yellow dish. I often feel chest tightness and shortness of breath, and I can't help but breathe.

If you have three or more answers to the above questions, "Yes," your skin may be in an oxygen-deficient state.

If the above test is not intuitive enough, please check the hypoxia symptom survey below to see if you meet the requirements. Hypoxia in the face can lead to dark complexion, easy acne, and increased eye bags. If the whole body is deprived of oxygen, the following conditions will occur:

The limbs, especially the upper arms and calves, are easily peeled off and occasionally itching. Although the use of beauty products is not relaxed for a moment, after the summer, whitening products do not seem to work. After the shower, I feel the skin is tight. If a part of the body is accidentally bumped, the bruising left behind after the collision takes a long time to resolve. The skin lacks luster and looks dull. The calf has a sore feeling, and the lower body often has symptoms of edema. If you meet most of the symptoms above, it means your body is in a state of severe hypoxia. Please start now, do more aerobic exercise, and make up the oxygen in your body in real time.

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