The basic form of Ming style furniture carving decoration

Ming-style furniture carving is a collection of Chinese sculpture art. As far as carving content is concerned, Dafang landscape characters, birds and beasts, flower worms, Bogu artifacts, Western patterns, festive auspicious, etc. are all-encompassing and colorful. If you carefully scrutinize, there are quite a few rules to look for. For the big ones, there are four main types of carved patterns:

(1) Birds and beasts: There are dragons, dragonflies, phoenixes, unicorns, deer, cranes, and magpies. Most of them choose people to admire their favorite things, especially the shape of dragons and phoenixes. The dragon is the totem and symbol of the Chinese nation. It has just been strong and healthy, rich in change, sexual and violent, capable of raining, and the dragon used as a symbol of the emperor in the feudal era. The dragon pattern is engraved on the furniture used by the court and the royal family. Feng, the ancients called the god bird, the king of birds, out of the country of the Eastern gentleman. Whenever the world is big, it sounds loud and clear.

The common birds and beasts in the Ming-style furniture carvings clearly have the legacy of the pre-Qin and Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties: they are magnificent and broad. People can't help but think of the deep and simple stone carvings of Huo to the disease and the palaces of the Han Dynasty, as well as the sturdy and graceful style of the Wuwei copper galloping horse and the six mausoleum tombs.

(2) Auspicious flowers and figure patterns: auspicious flower patterns include rolled grass, peony, tangled, ganoderma, plum, lotus, and moire. The development of Chinese auspicious flower patterns has a long history. From the pre-Qin Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty, the style of the pattern and pattern was deeply influenced by the paintings at that time, and it was very magnificent and colorful. Floral characters auspicious patterns in Ming furniture
It is the inheritance and promotion of the legacy of the Tang Dynasty, which fully reflects a strong aesthetic pursuit of luxury, fullness and boldness. The landscape characters show a plot with plot and story.

(3) Antique ornamentation: There are antique jade ornaments, imitation bronze bronze ornaments and so on. In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, advocating quiet and quiet, the wind of Bogu was flourishing, and archaeology and pedigree became fashionable. Bogu patterns have also become one of the important decorations of furniture. There are many ancient jade ornaments in the rosewood furniture, the carvings are meticulous, the artistic conception is high, and there is a beauty of the stone.

(4) Western ornamentation: During the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, a large number of western art craftsmen were used in the court. The influence of these Western artists is mainly in architecture and painting. On the architecture, the imperial court built a Chinese and Western Yuanmingyuan. In painting, Lang Shining introduced western painting art and decorative style to China, and used Chinese painting to express traditional furniture. Its artistic infiltration has emerged from the Ming Dynasty furniture with unique Western decorative patterns during this period. Passionflower is the representative of the Western ornamentation. In the West, it is like the Chinese peony, and it has a greater deformation and arbitrariness than the peony.

When we understand the basic content of Ming style furniture carving, it is not difficult to find that the carving art of Ming style furniture has the same origins as the traditional art of the Han and Han dynasties; it has close connection with other crafts in the same period; The spirit of the national culture of the two dynasties not only shows the life of the emperor's rich and luxurious, but also shows the literati's admiration of the elegant state of mind, and at the same time reflects the good wishes of the civilians to seek peace and happiness.

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