The brighter the color of the furniture, the more lead in the paint, the more children should choose the furniture should be cautious

At present, 90% of children's furniture in the furniture market is made of medium-density board and particle board. Due to the large amount of adhesive used in medium-density board and particle board, the health problems caused by excessive formaldehyde and other harmful substances in children's furniture are caused. More serious than other furniture. Yesterday (October 19), it was learned from the Tianjin Furniture Association that the problem of excessive formaldehyde and lead in children's furniture should attract enough attention from consumers.

The brighter the color of the furniture, the more lead in the paint.

Zhang Yucheng, deputy secretary-general of the Municipal Furniture Association, said that 90% of children's furniture is made of MDF and particleboard. Only a small amount of children's furniture is made of pine and other laminated materials, which often leads to excessive levels of harmful gases in children's rooms. "Currently, most of the children's furniture on the market only indicates the content of formaldehyde, but there are almost no detection figures for benzene and heavy metals. Some test reports only contain the harmful substances of the plates, and do not contain harmful substances such as paint. Once put into the children's room, this kind of furniture will affect the health of the child."

Industry insiders told reporters that in various furniture, brightly colored lead paints account for a large share. Tests have shown that among the 23 samples containing lead paint, the orange paint has the highest lead content, followed by yellow, green and brown.

Furniture releases formaldehyde and causes asthma in children

Gao Hongsheng, an expert in the Tianjin Key Laboratory of Biomarkers for Occupational and Environmental Hazards, said that formaldehyde release is the main cause of the increase in asthma in children aged 3-5 years. Long-term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, eye diseases, irregular menstruation and disorders in women, pregnancy syndrome, neonatal malformations, and mental depression. In addition, it can cause heart disease in children.

Home furnishing pollution is the most common source of lead pollution in children. According to the survey, the lead concentration in the air is 16 times that of 1.5 meters at a distance of 1 meter from the ground. The height of the child is just in this range; infants often touch the wall with their hands, and they are easy to ingest a large amount of their fingers. lead. In addition, the absorption rate of lead in infants and young children is as high as 53%, which is about 5 times that of adults.

How to buy children's furniture?

When purchasing children's furniture, first check carefully whether the furniture inspection report is a simple sheet inspection, or whether it includes paint inspection. When signing a sales contract, you should clearly write the environmental protection guarantee. If the merchant refuses to sign the guarantee, it is best not to buy it. . Secondly, it is best to choose furniture with a small amount of binder, which has a relatively low formaldehyde content. The environmental protection levels are from low to high: MDF, particle board, large core board, plywood, laminated timber, laminated timber, solid wood. Third, don't choose furniture that is too bright, because most bright paints contain heavy metals such as lead.

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