The club welfare came again, and everyone came to support it!

Club benefits come again! We will launch a club special event at 10:00 AM on March 21 and continue until March 4 at 4:00 PM.

Each club sent one person to apply for an activity and then was supported by others. It supported the top five and supported more than 200. According to the ranking, we will send out some MBC accessories.

The top three clubs, equipment cool will sponsor 100 MBC accessories, 45 will sponsor 50 MBC accessories, hope everyone refueling ~

The specific rules are as follows.

1. Each club of this event sent one person to apply for the evaluation of the xxx club applicant in the plan, and explained to the five zero. For more than one club applicants, the maximum number of supporters will prevail!

2. This event does not support the redemption of points.

3. If you have a new club, please contact QQ: 1064433071

4. The ultimate power of interpretation of the event is owned by Equipment Cool.

Club Exclusive Event Entrance

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