The evolution of the relationship between office stationery producers and sellers

The advent of a product still has to go through the sales channel before it can enter the hands of consumers. It involves two economic benefits, that is, product manufacturers and product distributors, how to deal with the relationship between the two well. It is a key to whether a product can enter the hands of consumers smoothly. In the office stationery industry, such problems also exist.

The collaboration between office stationery manufacturers and office stationery dealers is based on commodities, and the profit brought by the sale of goods is used as a cooperative hub on both sides. The benefits are simple, the cooperation form is simple, and the manufacturers are favored by dealers. Selling talents, the dealers are paying attention to the manufacturers' goods, brands and shopping malls. The primary task between the factory and the merchants is around the "selling goods". The detailed docking on both sides will also be concentrated on the tactical level, even on both sides. The opposition is also concentrated in the aspect of profit distribution.

However, with the changes in the format of the office stationery store, the real economy of the industry has come, from the era of earning money to the era of money grabbing, the beginning of office stationery shows that the total amount of goods is full, and the homogenization trend of the goods itself is becoming more and more severe. Even the brand has begun to show homogeneity. The customer's emphasis on the brand has gradually turned to professional segmentation, procurement convenience and service factors, which together have caused consumers to continue to reduce their loyalty to a certain brand.

At the same time, the collaboration between office stationery manufacturers and office stationery dealers has also changed, the first is the robbing of excellent dealers. Excellent distributors are always small, office stationery manufacturers have extended from the recent market share to the excellent distributors, and excellent distributors have become one of the important resources for the manufacturers at that time and in the future.

Because many office stationery manufacturers robbed the excellent dealers, the manufacturers have some comparisons with each other, and the dealers even have some pampered. The dealers have also started to invest in the guidelines of various manufacturers, and even use the difference between the inputs of various manufacturers, constantly swaying the manufacturers to add inputs, which is to add the operating costs of the manufacturers, if you follow this road, it must be As a result, manufacturers' dealers collaborate and handle the higher and higher costs. When the cost of collaboration is high enough, it is also time for manufacturers to think about whether to replace dealers or to do direct sales.

In the office stationery market, manufacturers rely on their own strategic thinking, the demand for dealers is getting higher and higher, no longer simply to the dealer's planning strength and sales ability, and began to pay attention to the direction of the dealer itself, Plan layout, the status quo in the background, its own shopping malls to invest in knowledge and talent, especially whether the manufacturers can face the strategic level, can complete the multi-part and multi-system docking between manufacturers, can follow the expansion speed of the manufacturers, Whether it is possible to match the manufacturer's shopping mall construction guidelines, whether it can serve as a new demand for the mall's performance.

What the manufacturers ultimately need is a group of dealers who are suitable for the manufacturers. This "suitable" norm is not fixed. The manufacturers will adjust according to the shopping mall environment and their own plans. After each new specification comes out, Some sorts of picks will be made to the dealers at the time, and the fit will stay.

In short, the writing relationship between office stationery manufacturers and dealers has now undergone a great degree of change. Fundamentally speaking, the law of market economy is the dominant market, and only in accordance with the laws of economic development can it be in the market that is disturbed. From this perspective, whether it is office stationery manufacturers or distributors, they have a common point is to grasp the market rules of the office stationery industry, and only in this way, can find a suitable fit between the two. .

Magnetic Receptive Whiteboard Sheet

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