The importance of the specific surface of activated alumina

Technical index

Activated alumina appearance: Activated alumina is white spherical porous particles, uniform particle size, smooth surface, specific surface area 5-120 , A well-known domestic brand, exported to overseas.), Strong mechanical strength, strong hygroscopicity, no swelling and cracking after water absorption to maintain the original state, non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water, ethanol, has a strong adsorption of fluorine, mainly Used for defluoridation of drinking water in high-fluorine areas.

Activated alumina has the ability to selectively adsorb gas, water vapor and some liquid moisture. After the adsorption is saturated, it can be heated at about 175-315 ° C to remove water and resurrect. Adsorption and resurrection can be performed multiple times. In addition to being used as a desiccant, it can also absorb lubricating oil vapor from contaminated oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, etc. And can be used as a catalyst and catalyst carrier and chromatographic analysis carrier.

Under certain operating and regeneration conditions, the drying depth of the product is up to -70 degrees below the dew point temperature.

The main purpose

This product can be used as a defluorinating agent for high-fluorine drinking water (with a large defluorinating capacity), a defluorinating agent for circulating alkanes in the production of alkylbenzene, a deacidifying and regenerating agent for transformer oil, and an oxygen-making industry, textile industry, and electronics industry Gas drying, automatic instrument air drying, and desiccant and purifying agent (dew point up to -40 degrees) in fertilizer, petrochemical and other industries, and pressure swing dew point up to -55 degrees in air separation industry. It is a kind of highly effective desiccant for deep drying of trace water. Very suitable for heatless regeneration devices.

The specific surface area of ​​activated alumina is a very important parameter. The specific surface area is the surface area per gram of solid material, the unit is m2 / g; the national standard of the specific surface area tester is the low-temperature nitrogen adsorption BET multi-point method based on BET theory (GB / T 19587-2004). The main points of measuring the specific surface area by the nitrogen adsorption BET multipoint method are: in the range of 5-30% nitrogen partial pressure, the nitrogen adsorption amount of the adsorbent (powder to be measured) is measured at different nitrogen partial pressure points to make adsorption For the isotherm, the saturated adsorption amount of the monolayer corresponding to the surface of the adsorbent when the monolayer is covered with nitrogen molecules is calculated by the BET formula, and the specific surface area of ​​the adsorbent can be calculated. The 3H-2000BET-A specific surface area analyzer is a high-precision analytical instrument based on the national specific surface test standard, and has 7 domestic leading technologies; such as the only integrated in-situ purge processing function in China, which is designed for chromatographic specific surface testing The problem of purging treatment between different nitrogen partial pressure points makes the purging treatment between different nitrogen partial pressure points more convenient and efficient, reducing the impact of continuous testing on accuracy; the only program-controlled wind and heat removal device in China , To ensure that the sharp and fast desorption peaks are obtained after full automation is achieved, and background errors are reduced; the only chromatographic concentration detection system in China makes the nitrogen partial pressure detection accuracy 10 times higher than the flow method; the six-way valve sampler program control , The only domestic quantitative control program switching function; the only domestic particle size report and other functions; while the instrument parameter software is displayed, the large-screen LCD hardware display on the instrument makes the instrument working status parameters clear and the operation is more reliable; and liquid nitrogen temperature monitoring , Detector gas cut-off protection, detector constant temperature device, sound prompt of important links, make 3H-2000BET-M more accurate than surface analyzer in testing Stable safety, ease of operation and so on to meet and exceed the part of similar foreign instrument performance, 3H-2000 series meter surface area in the country has a large number of customers, specific surface instrument known brands.

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