The leading role of information technology in the development of the packaging industry 2

Second, information technology has become a powerful third source of resources other than matter and energy. Although this point is not common in domestic packaging companies, it is not difficult to see that information technology has become an important means to improve the labor efficiency and work efficiency of the entire society. The powerful driving force of social and economic development.
If information technology is used directly in industrial products, it will bring enormous economic benefits to the product's performance-price ratio. For example, Japan's use of micro-processing technology in household electrical appliances increases the value of its products by 9% to 18%. In the same period during the Eighth Five-Year Plan period, information technology has also been gradually used in domestic work to fill new gaps in the industry, such as the "DWWF200 Series Cryogenic Superfine Crusher" of Huazhong Agricultural University and "Multi-Material Automated" of Beijing Zhongshan Science and Technology Corporation. Electronic Weighing System" and much more.
In short, with the popularization and application of information technology, not only the direct economic benefits of improving labor productivity and saving energy are brought into the packaging industry, but also the promotion of product demand, the promotion of new product development, and the increase of variety in the packaging industry market. And so huge indirect economic benefits. It can be seen that, as one of the technological elements of the packaging industry, the content and proportion of information technology in the packaging industry are increasing, and gradually play a role in technical support.
3, information technology is an important guarantee for the packaging industry to achieve market strategy, information technology in the packaging industry is a strategic element of the search market dynamics, a powerful tool for product and creative propaganda, is an important guarantee to achieve market readiness.
At the inaugural meeting of the Center for Packaging and Food Machinery Science and Technology Development Research Center, the idea has been unified: Although some of the beverage and food markets in China have been occupied by foreign countries, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, smokers and other beverages and fast food markets, the entire 1.2 billion people The market is incapable of occupying them, only by our Chinese people to occupy. The Science and Technology Development Research Center should focus on project consulting, information collection and dissemination, domestic and foreign market research and development, and change the face of the backward technology of the industry as soon as possible so as to lay the foundation for entering the international market.
As we all know, science and technology are human beings who have strengthened their own strength in the struggle with nature and won more and better chances for survival and development. This is the difference between information technology and various power tools. Prolonged physical strength is a type of leading technique that expands or prolongs the function of human information organs.
First of all, from the information search of market packaging, the gap between modern information technology and time and space can be reduced to almost zero. This was unimaginable more than 100 years ago. For example, in 1865, the information of Lincoln’s assassination spread to London, England for a full 12 days, and it took a month or two to reach some remote rural areas of the United States. Nowadays, the Japanese can obtain financial markets around the world for 5-60 seconds; 1-3 minutes can inquire about Japanese and international import trade product varieties, specifications, etc.; 3-5 minutes can inquire about 10,000 key companies at home and abroad. Annual operating and production conditions, etc.
In contrast, our country is lagging behind in this respect. The relevant department had in 1993 asked a survey of 700 exporting and manufacturing enterprises in Jiangsu and Shanghai: “Do not know” about the 75.9% of the export price of the company's products, the market demand for national defense, 87% of the companies “do not know ". This situation is worrying!
Today, the market economy is in a sense an information economy. The more developed the market, the more important information is. The packaging industry market, such as the battlefield, cannot know what is known and can only defeat it. The information technology has played a role in both packaging and marketing analysis, scientific forecasting and packaging technology development. It has ensured that we can obtain the required information in a wide, fast, precise and accurate manner and win the competition in the packaging market and packaging products. victory.
On the other hand, in product introduction and corporate publicity, the rapid development of computer communications, satellite communications, and fiber optic communications has provided people with a variety of convenient, non-polluting green information channels, especially with the rapid development of technology and economy. With the rapid increase in the amount of information, people are eager that computer terminals or personal computers can also be as convenient as telephones, and can transmit and receive data at any time between computers in the country or around the world, and realize electronic shopping, electronic consultation, television text news, and display terminals. Visits and more. After networking, some of the above functions have been implemented on a considerable part of home and community circuits. In other words, information technology has made packaging information unimpeded and has become a reality and has continuously provided more advanced equipment and methods.

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