The new house selection wardrobe has the style of learning and matching.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] is now in early August, and it is not far from the good days of "Golden September, Silver 10". In the past, this period will form a marriage tide, and the arrival of the wedding tide will also crowd the home market. It is a wardrobe area, and it has become a must-see for many happy new people. They all hope that they can choose the right wardrobe and help them to have a sweet and happy life. However, their distress is also facing the store's dazzling wardrobe, do not know how to start to buy wardrobes, and even difficult to judge how the wardrobe is a good wardrobe for new homes and headaches.

In this regard, experts in the wardrobe industry said that it is not difficult to choose a wardrobe. As long as consumers grasp a few key points of purchase, pay more attention to some details, and strictly examine the product quality, you can buy a suitable wedding. wardrobe.

Wardrobe purchase

Environmentally friendly materials are the foundation of a good wardrobe

Wardrobe-related experts reminded that indoor pollution is now more and more likely to endanger human health. Today, checking whether it is a healthy and environmentally friendly material is the primary consideration for purchasing wardrobes. To judge whether the formaldehyde in the closet exceeds the standard, the most intuitive way to detect it is to use the nose to feel it. When the cabinet is close to the cabinet or the cabinet door is opened, if there is a pungent smell in the closet, it is basically judged that the harmful gas such as formaldehyde of the product exceeds the standard. If you want to judge more accurately whether the environmental protection of the board used in the wardrobe is up to standard, you can check the inspection certificate on the wardrobe. If the environmental protection grade of the board is E0 or E1 grade, it is made of environmentally friendly sheet.

As consumers are becoming more aware of health and environmental protection, the formal wardrobe brand not only has strict environmental requirements for the board, but also adds other measures that provide more environmental protection. Such as Apple aristocratic wardrobe, in addition to the selection of European standard E1 environmental protection sheet, recently also introduced a new wardrobe intelligent environmental disinfection system, and strive to create a "breathable wardrobe" for consumers. It is reported that this system has three functions of dehumidification, deodorization and disinfection. Every 24 hours, the system will start the whole cabinet purification function, purify the old air in the cabinet with warm air and ozone, keep the air fresh, and realize dehumidification and moisture proof. , sterilization and mildew and other effects.

The style that suits the match is the focus of a good wardrobe.

Experts believe that in addition to environmental protection and good workmanship, the wardrobe is not good, one of the key points is to see if it can coordinate with the overall style of the individual room. In the home decoration design concept, the simple series style wardrobe can be used in a variety of decoration styles, so that the room gives a generous impression. Therefore, the minimalist style is versatile and timeless. Consumers who are not good at home decoration can consider this type of product when choosing a wardrobe. Experts say that simplicity does not mean simpleness and lack of decentralization, but the extension of design and ideas that have been invented after careful consideration. "To keep the essence and keep the essence, and to impress people with a clean and fresh style." Even in the decoration of the wedding room, the style of the closet cabinet made up of simple, modern geometric figures can also make the wedding room even more vivid.

It is understood that the minimalist style mainly includes a variety of subdivision styles such as Jane, New Chinese, and Pastoral, with a light color as the main color. The simple European style of the Apple Aristocratic wardrobe emphasizes fashion, simplicity and health, which is the most popular among the market, especially the mainstream style that is most popular among young consumers. Apple aristocrats wardrobe experts, in the material and color of the wardrobe, light-colored leather panels can create a high-end atmosphere, but also soften the light, so that the space is elegant and romantic, thus highlighting the owner's pursuit of fresh and elegant Pure and beautiful life taste.

Summary: Having a good wardrobe is not only a wedding dream for every bride, but also a must for modern people to pursue a high quality home life. Therefore, when purchasing a wardrobe, we should be more cautious, pay more attention to the environmental protection of the product, the details of the workmanship of the product and the collocation of the style, so that it can be more convenient in the future use, bringing more life to the home life. More convenience and fun.

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