The new independent four-wheel all-terrain detonation robot developed by Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences was successfully developed

Anti-terror and anti-riot robots are relatively mature research achievements in the field of robot research in the Shenyang Institute of Automation, and there have been several series of products available. Recently, according to the needs of users, a new independent four-wheel all-terrain detonation robot for remote observation, handling and destruction of explosives in the open field in the wild has been successfully developed. The independent four-wheel all-terrain detonation robot is a high-tech product composed of computers, sensors, body drive, remote communication and weapon control technologies. The display is composed of several subsystems. It is mainly used in the wild environment to carry out long-distance observation, handling and destruction of explosives. It can replace people to carry out certain work and reduce unnecessary casualties. The anti-explosive robot can work normally in a temperature environment of not less than minus 20 °, and can move normally in the environment of weeds, gobi, beach, hard ground and snow. Based on the original technology platform, this type of robot has been further improved and upgraded in accordance with user needs. The operating system is more flexible, efficient and reliable. The integrated intelligent work helmet used by the robot integrates a variety of precision sensors, and has multiple functions such as stereo video monitoring, head-eye tracking, and hand-eye servo. The robot is equipped with a master-slave follower manipulator, adopts the most advanced international end direct tracking technology (fly the head), and uses a four-degree-of-freedom serpentine flying rocker to directly control the posture, position, and speed of the manipulator's end paw movement. The operator only needs to directly push the joystick to any direction and move at any speed according to the needs of the task, without having to consider the respective movement modes of the motor on the arm. At the same time, according to the actual needs of users, the maximum reach of the robot arm can reach 35㎏. The robot's protection ability reaches IP55, and the wading height is 50㎝. The independent four-wheel-drive all-terrain detonation robot has passed the test acceptance test recently and delivered it to users.

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