Three new marketing methods in the furniture industry break the traditional channels

With the rapid expansion of store expansion in 2010, furniture brands have maintained a low-key boycott or even acquiescence to the expansion of the store. They are planning to leverage other channels to release this pressure, and they are also shifting their channels. A step of. The expansion of the store has made the brand more aware of the crisis of putting eggs in a basket. It also recognizes that the development of the brand's stores is always the control of fate in the store. Of course, the store is now becoming the mainstream trend of furniture consumer shopping, and the brand will naturally not quit the store channel. For many furniture brands, channel transfer is already imminent, not only the promotion of store expansion, but also a representation of consumer trends.

Designer channel - the embodiment of personalized consumption era

As decoration consumers become more aware of the demands of home design space, their reliance on designers is increasing. Because of this individualized pursuit, the designer bears the responsibility of designing and selecting materials in the decoration home. Many decoration families hand over the power to the designer, completely trusting the designer's concept, especially in the material purchase. aspect. Of course, the designer will give consumers more suitable ideas because they have a better understanding of the industry, so that they can take less detours in the decoration.

Internet Marketing Channels - Products of the Internet Age

The network marketing mentioned here includes two aspects, one is the marketing activities through the network, such as online advertising promotion, the launch of online group purchase, followed by the traditional and mainstream e-commerce channels. The latest report of China Internet Information Center CNNIC at the end of 2010, the number of Internet users in China reached 420 million, and the Internet penetration rate reached 31.8%, which is higher than the global average of 21.9%. In 2009, the size of China's online shopping market was close to 250 billion, reaching 248.35 billion year-on-year growth of 93.7%. With the steady growth rate, the scale of China's online transactions in 2013 is expected to exceed 1 trillion.

According to the authoritative department survey, from 2010 to now, 35% of netizens from 420 million monthly netizens choose to purchase goods online. These huge data all reflect the huge consumer market of e-commerce, opening up a huge space for the development of home furnishing enterprises. This information indicates that the network marketing channel will become another huge stage for home furnishing enterprises, and it will become a strong market for the release of building materials and home sales pressure in the future.

Independent store channel - release the pressure on the store

The expansion of the store has put furniture companies under pressure, rents have risen all the time, store sales have been low, and costs have been invested. These have made furniture companies have to find another way out. Opening their own independent storefronts has become their only choice. Through independent storefronts, furniture companies can more independently control all aspects of product sales, and at the same time bring more opportunities.

The director of a furniture enterprise strategy center said that furniture companies can set up stores and choose a place that is biased, so that there is less cost. Secondly, consumers can experience a richer product, because the size of the independent store will be larger, which is a change from the store to the independent store. There is also a combination of online and offline resources, using three-dimensional animation technology, using high-definition technology to build a large product database. Through the digital screen of each store, customers can experience more products online. This is the concept of digital stores, which is a new sales model that the furniture industry is exploring.

The traditional store channel should have dominated the selection of sellers in recent years. Due to the unsatisfactory management of their own operations or the number of stores that survive the fittest in the competition, there are also “shelf” stores that choose to shift the focus of the brand because of the blind expansion of furniture companies, and because of the development impact of emerging channels. Objective or subjective factors have led to a shrinking market share in the store. Designer channels are also good, and network marketing channels are also good. At this stage, it also brings a lot of problems to furniture companies. As the saying goes, "Chengdu channels, defeats also channels", how furniture companies are surprisingly successful in the channels, it is worth our expectation!

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