Titanium dioxide in the European market is stable

Titanium dioxide is considered to be a white pigment with good performance in the world. Mainly used in coatings, plastics, inks, paper and other fields, of which coatings accounted for 60%. In the recent titanium dioxide market, the international market is bullish.

European Titanium Iron prices continue to be stable According to the MB British Metal Guide, the European high-titanium iron market continues to operate steadily. According to statistics, the city of Euroti has declined slightly since the end of May. It has also stabilized slightly since the beginning of June, and the offer has not fluctuated. The current market price is: 7.4-7.7 flat US dollars / kg titanium. The domestic titanium concentrate market continued to climb, and the mining industry led the gains. The official price adjustment of Pan-Titanium has not yet been determined. The market has already passed the trial price of its 47 taste mines at around 2,200 yuan/ton. Titanium downstream products are looking forward to a new wind.

In terms of macro news: the rate of change in international oil prices has broken by -4%; the threat of European debt has increased, the Bank of England has considered expanding QE; the interest rate of money market has hit a new low in the year, and the RMB exchange rate has significantly weakened.

Typhoon causes the price of Hainan titanium ore to rise According to the Meteorological Observatory, Tropical Storm "Terry" No. 5 became the typhoon that directly affected China this year. Affected by the combination of Taili and the southwest monsoon, most of Hainan, eastern and southern Guangdong, and most of Fujian have heavy rain or heavy rain. Some parts of the eastern part of Hainan have heavy rains, and titanium mineral areas are almost in this area.

In the early period, the Hainan area was also non-stop, which led to the great impact of local titanium mining and drying, and the local titanium mine spot resources were also slightly scarce. However, due to the unreleased demand from the downstream, the price of titanium concentrate in Hainan has generally stabilized. Recently, the price of Panzhihua titanium mine has challenged the trend of Hainan titanium mine. However, the industry knows the quality of Hainan titanium concentrate. More advantageous than climbing mines, and with the Vietnamese government's restrictions on titanium ore exports, the supply of Vietnam's mines will be sharply reduced in the later period, and summer tropical storms occur in the South China Sea. Various factors will increase the possibility of price increases in late Hainan mines. .

Analysis of the current situation in the domestic market Since the price increase of the titanium dioxide market in early June, the mainstream price has remained stable, but the current market development seems to be split and still in a turbulent period.

The first-tier enterprises or large-scale enterprises in the titanium dioxide market have higher quotations due to factors such as channel, quality and brand, and the recent sales are also good; while the sales of small-scale enterprises or manufacturers are relatively low. At present, the prices of various grades of enterprise products are not equal, the first-line enterprises are stronger, the price is stable or fine-tuned, and the second- and third-line enterprises occasionally have small-scale callback price promotion operations.

The discussion in the industry about Vietnam's start of mine bans next month is fierce. Market participants believe that this is mixed for the titanium dioxide market, which not only causes the raw material crisis in the titanium dioxide market, but also can be said to be a positive impact on market price fluctuations.

After the late trend of titanium dioxide, the market for titanium dioxide did not have much fluctuation in the short term, but in the later period, due to the influence of environment, policy and market, the price will slowly rise in the later stage and slowly rise.

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