Traditional flower and fruit tea two therapy - assisted face-lifting

Fan Bingbing's robes and cranes are stunning in the Western world. What makes the Westerners even more amazing is that the original standard goose egg face of the Orientals has become a sharp hammer face, which fully conforms to the world's aesthetic concept. Want to have a hammer face like Fan Bingbing in this summer? Cheese rose hip assisted face-lifting method , do you start now?

Cheese rose hip inner adjustment

Traditional flower and fruit tea two therapy - assisted face-lifting

Cheese rose hip is a popular traditional flower and fruit tea in Germany, known as "early morning friends." This tea is rich in content, and many classic flower and fruit tea ingredients are included, such as Luoshen, rose hip, elderberry, blackcurrant, etc., which contain a lot of vitamins and anthocyanins, which are extremely effective for nourishing the body. Because of the addition of mint and lemon peel, the cheese rose hip has astringent nature. If you want to diet and lose weight, you may wish to choose this tea to accompany you, but also to alleviate the poor color caused by the reduction of food, so that the color is naturally rosy.

Cheese rose hip massage

Traditional flower and fruit tea two therapy - assisted face-lifting

A lot of crushing body is even and fleshy, but with a big face, no matter how slim, it feels very fat. Therefore, the local massage method, I believe that can achieve twice the result with half the effort, 5 minutes a day, you can shape a small V face. The method of massage with rose hips is: soak the flower tea, preferably thicker, prepare ten cotton pads, take tea, spread it on your face, gently press it with your fingertips, avoid being too vigorous, so as not to be too strong. Injury to the texture tissue.

Some people can be fat, but their faces are always thin, very easy. But most of us are fat on the face, fat on the body, and the face is first to be thin. And if you want to face-lift, the usual diet is very important, only the reasonable health of eating can be more beautiful, and the face will not be out of shape. In terms of diet, we must first ensure that the daily meal time is fixed and regular. Sprinkle a cup of cheese rose hip tea before or after lunch to help clean the intestines and achieve regular digestion and regulation. Xiao Bian also suggested that when you drink the fruit tea, you can eat the tea residue, high-fiber tea residue is a good helper for face-lifting!

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