U.S. invents beer cans that automatically cool beer

Umbrella Technology, which specializes in cold and hot technology, invented a beer can that can automatically cool beer. This beer can greatly reduce the temperature of the beer.

According to the Mexican "Millennium" recently reported that the new technology is special in the tank there is a mechanical device that can reduce the temperature of the beer within 3 minutes 16.7 °C after the tank bottom cooling device is twisted, surrounded by the gel of the drink It will evaporate, forming a vacuum in the can wall sandwich, and the gel of this special material will absorb a lot of heat when it evaporates, so that the beer will be cooled. Evaporation heat is eventually taken to a radiator with high insulation to dissipate.

Tenpra said that the working principle of the new technology is a physical process of water evaporation, non-toxic and safe.

Source: China Beverage and Drink Machinery Professional Network

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