Use adhesive tape should pay attention to what

The tape is mainly afraid of the tide. If the paste is in a humid environment, it is better to use other adhesives. When pasting,
First, fully remove the stains, dust, oil, moisture, etc. on the adhered material and then paste it. If it is not removed, the adhesive tape with stains, dust, oil, moisture, etc. cannot be reused;
Second, to avoid repeated paste (or tape damaged adhesive surface), paste, leave for a while;
Third, directly paste on the human body, convex surface, rough surface;
4. When storing the tape, avoid direct sunlight and heat and keep it in a cool place.
Transparent tape, packing tape in the "universal" is often used tape tape <br> friends do not know whether or not noticed, transparent tape can be a "universal" belt use, in other words, if you do not double-sided tape, kraft paper tape, color tape Wait, but as long as you have scotch tape, all problems will be solved.
For example, we stick the ordinary wallpaper with double-sided adhesive tape. You can also use transparent tape to stick around the outside of the wallpaper. Just like the kraft paper tape, you want to mask the printing on the carton. Then use clear tape to keep the prints clean, then write the words you want to write on a piece of narrow paper, the width must be narrower than the transparent tape, then paste it on the transparent tape, and then stick the adhesive tape to the carton The corresponding position can be, clear the print, use the function of kraft paper tape, paste the print on the carton, use the function of color printing tape; Scotch tape can also be used as a notebook label, the first chapter, the second chapter, The third chapter ... can be written on narrow strips of paper, and then put the "First Chapter" paper on transparent tape, and then paste this tape on the first chapter of the notebook. Well, the next few chapters and so on.
This is the universal tape - Scotch tape.

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