UV Curing Machine's Role in PU Primer Based UV Spraying Process

PU primer-based UV spraying process

As we all know, the surface painting process of furniture, cabinets, and wooden handicraft production enterprises is mainly spray-painted. The paints used are usually NC, PU, ​​and PE. With the development of the paint coating process and the increase in consumer awareness, a new type of paint-UV paint has emerged. UV paint with good environmental protection, chemical resistance, physical damage resistance, high hardness and rapid drying of the characteristics of the majority of wood products manufacturing companies. Paint name Solid content Drying time Hardness NC 25%-40% 0.5 hour 1H PU 40%-60% 4-6 hour 2H PE 90% 2 hour 3H UV 100% 3-5 seconds 4H-5H

Uv light curing machine:

This equipment is mainly used for cabinet doors, door panels, and furniture suite doors.

1, instant drying, eliminating the waiting time, drying time, greatly reducing the coating process time, improve production efficiency;

2. Five-face curing can be completed at one time, which can meet a variety of specifications, effectively drying the surface of the product and improving efficiency.

3, the whole device uses electrostatic spray, beautiful and generous, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean;

4, the control part is simple, inexperienced, can master the operating technology in a short time.

5. The motor adopts Tsinghua Unisplendour Motor and its quality is stable;

6. The conveyor belt adopts imported stainless steel mesh belt;

7. The light source adopts imported materials, exquisite high pressure mercury lamp, long life, easy disassembly and installation;

8, the power supply for the domestic style, more energy-efficient, more efficient work;

First, the application industry is mainly used in wooden doors, furniture, staircases, cabinets, handicrafts and other wood products manufacturing enterprises.

Second, the coating process and requirements: spray PU white (two) → dry sanding → spray PU color (two) → dry sanding → spray UV paint → I thermostat leveling → UV light curing machine.

Key factors: 1. Spray two PU color base must be thoroughly dried, otherwise it will affect the adhesion between PU and UV, dry thoroughly after careful sanding, on the one hand is conducive to adhesion, on the other hand board surface More beautiful. 2. UV paint spraying must be moderate, not too thick, or because the reaction of UV paint itself will make the paint layer cracking. 3. Leveling and UV light curing machine time must be mastered. Constant temperature leveling machine The role of: 1 to make the paint on the work surface fully level, so that the paint film can achieve the best fullness and distinctness of the image. 2 make the paint in the construction of non-reactive dilute all will be issued to obtain the appearance and paint Film properties are complete. After the infrared leveling by the UV drying process, the workpiece paint surface will instantly dry, which greatly paint drying time, so the production efficiency is greatly improved. Technical indicators of this process paint can be achieved: Color brightness hardness adhesion Friction resistance Chemical resistance Transparent 5-95 Degree 5H 100% Good

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