Veneer parquet furniture knowledge

With the development of society, the world is increasingly colorful, people's lifestyles and aesthetic tastes are more diversified. As a variety of furniture to create a living space, it is logical to comply with the diversified choices of the market. In the process of development, veneer furniture accurately grasps the positioning of design style. Under the premise of people-oriented, the shape is simple and generous, with various functions, stable color, generous, avant-garde, and the use of diversified materials.

The design style of veneer furniture: simple and natural, avant-garde, simple and practical

Modeling: simple and fine

In the aspect of styling, veneer furniture pursues a simple, avoidance of useless decoration, fine workmanship, reflects the simplicity and exquisiteness of highly industrialized products, and has a strong personality. We use the straight line and the flexible arc accordingly. These curves can inadvertently divide the space, making the furniture more comfortable with the human curve design.

Function: folding storage

Multi-functional furniture has always been the focus of attention. Every combination of furniture we developed can be disassembled by partial furniture fittings to achieve its variability. Every angle, every change, ingenious combination, let each performance have the soul and the vitality of life, let the room become fresh and orderly, reflecting the strange mood of each period of life; An important use feature of furniture design. How to effectively store and use a wide variety of versatile household items. We have considered that this storage function cannot be single when developing the sacred furniture. For example, the place where the books are placed should also be able to put a CD and tie. The drawers can also be used to store small items of socks, because modern people will not stick to a set of established rules, and have their own eyes and well-organized arrangements for their own lives. Color: purely natural

The nature of the mind is pure and simple, and the color of furniture is also true. Busy work makes people look forward to returning to rest and relaxation at home. Therefore, in the selection of furniture colors, we also strive for no stimulation and no burden. Simple color can make people seek reason in the awkward society. After removing the complicated colors, what remains is a peace of mind. Dark furniture still occupies a certain position, and the light color has won people's favorite with its bright, elegant and quiet visual effects. The three series of products we developed: powder oak, black oak, and Mo Tianni have been recognized by the market and favored by consumers in the market. The combination of black and khaki: the bright color difference inadvertently outlines the rhythm of modern life. The seemingly unintentional creativity adds a touch of touch to the plain, pink warm series, warm and comfortable life, love for the beautiful things in life, As well as elegant taste, it is the essence of the powder oak and the modus. It feels smooth and creates a space that people can enjoy, in line with people's pursuit of leisure, comfort and warmth.

Material: Comprehensive use of diversified materials

The products are made of high-density fiberboard as the base material, and the exterior is imported from American oak. The oak is hard, the annual rings are clear, the depth is clear, the culture is rich, the three-dimensional sense is strong and true, and it is the superior material for making open lacquered furniture. . The surface is decorated with new Italian paint technology, which is scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, peel-resistant, environmentally friendly and natural, bringing people closer to the forest. Combined with the skillful use of solid wood, leather, metal, glass, cloth and other materials, each piece of wood leather is more colorful and textured. The use of glass and metal is just right, showing a refined, deep, clear, modern atmosphere in a tough, cold, surreal.

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