Washed away the summer sweltering 6 full five-point praise shower hot sale ing

Recommend one for cooling shower head: German Baoshengyuan full copper hot and cold shower faucet

Promotion price: 699.00 yuan / set

Editor's comment: Humanized one-key three-control technology, coated crystal brick technology, lasting for a long time, the sewer pipe rotates 360 degrees freely. The whole shower head is made of pure copper forging, Spain imported ceramic track spool, and a large 8-inch nozzle. Compared with other brands under seven inches, the shower area is enlarged, making the shower more comfortable and pleasant.

Some netizens experience after use:

Buyer: Gulf City Evaluation: The quality is quite good, very practical, easy to install, and cost-effective.

Buyer: 158968h Evaluation: It is simple and generous with weight when it is bought. The installation master said that there is a fight with more than 1,000 on the market

Buyer: 130632jpp Evaluation: The store delivers very quickly, the packaging is very good, the baby is very weighty, I have received it for several days to come to the evaluation, I just installed it yesterday, and tried it at night, the price is relatively speaking It is more cost-effective than physical stores, with high quality and low price. Recommended

Buyer: shang123 Evaluation: Not installed yet, it looks like a good baby

Buyer: 158968h Evaluation: received soon? Logistics is awesome? Packaging is also exquisite? Baby is also genuine? Very good? All five points

Buyer: jace4251 Evaluation: The workmanship is very fine, I believe that the value for money is excellent.


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Recommended second cooling shower: Zhongyu bathroom full copper shower JY04813

Promotion price: 585.00 yuan / set

Editor's comment: Zhongyu's three-outlet water shower, super large 8-inch top spray design, can instantly drive away the summer heat. The adjustable height is suitable for both adults and children. The five-layer electroplating on the surface of the shower is better than ordinary electroplating and durable.

Some netizens experience after use:

Buyer: Stealing Cat Fish Evaluation: Praise! Service attitude is good, things are also very good, especially customer service A, very patient, especially praise one. I bought a lot of things, but I don't know if it will be bad parts, and I will add comments after installation.

Buyer: Hearty evaluation: Last time I bought a lot of bathroom hardware pendants, this time I bought a shower, authentic. Shining very well. It has not been installed yet, so if you have any questions, please add it later. The seller's service is good and will come next time

Buyer: afhirg Evaluation: Praise! The things received, except Yuantong is a little weak, the things are very good, completely authentic, very cost-effective, much cheaper than the physical store, it is worth recommending, I hope it is more perfect after installation.


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Recommended three cooling shower: Moen rainforest shower shower package

Promotion price: 799.20 yuan / set

Editorial comment: Unique hard rod with top spray shower set, the shower faucet is made of high-quality 59 copper forging. The chrome-plated hand shower and top spray are durable and lasting. Suitable for most modern style decoration. The top spray of the shower can rotate 15 ° to the left and right, the 5.5-inch top spray, and 66 rubber water outlets, bring you a comfortable shower experience.

Some netizens experience after use:

Buyer: huangxin113 Evaluation: Great love Moen! Haha, the packaging is very careful, no damage at all! Full score! Installing ... ^ _ ^

Buyer: 2onsuy Evaluation: Baby is awesome! Sellers are enthusiastic! good seller!

Buyer: 139171ZosnYsT Evaluation: praise, the things are still very good, the quality is very good, and the delivery is quite fast. Sorry, it's a bit late to confirm!

Buyer: 1essbian Evaluation: Baby loves it! Many times better than I thought! Baby is genuine! It is much cheaper than a physical store! This is the most satisfying purchase in a long time! I will come to your house after the need!

Buyer: duanb1 Evaluation: The real thing is good ... Hum! So heavy! Big brand, trustworthy! Extraordinary, cost-effective and worthwhile!

Buyer: 9wedfer Evaluation: Very beautiful, because it is tall, it looks small in the faucet, but it is estimated that it will be more beautiful when it is installed, and additional comments and photos will be added when it is installed. The electroplating effect is good, very bright and handsome, I like this faucet drop. The whole dragon head rice has scratches, very good and attentive sellers, customer service attitude is also very good and patient, happy shopping, and will come to drop in the future if necessary. . .


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Recommend 4 for cooling showers: German Baoshengyuan full copper three-outlet shower shower TL-1022

Promotion price: 1098.00 yuan / set

Editor's comment: This shower head is the star product of Po Sang Yuan. The square oversized top spray design is more atmospheric and fashionable than the round shape. The convenient operation design with one key and three controls makes the whole bathing process more comfortable. The main body of forged precision copper, the unique vacuum plating technology on the surface, is not easy to be scratched.

Some netizens experience after use:

Buyer: dming Evaluation: The quality is not bad, the price is affordable.

Buyer: Tmall 88 Evaluation: The goods delivered have fewer accessories. The seller and I negotiated that the accessories should be received before delivery. It was indeed delivered the next day, and the seller's integrity was very good. The quality of things is also acceptable.

Buyer: zhongg6 Evaluation: electroplating is relatively smooth without scratches, and the water can also be. The seller shipped quickly.

Buyer: Gulf City Evaluation: It has been installed, the water is quite fast, very easy to use and convenient.

Buyer: zshan99 Evaluation: The quality is very good and economical.

Buyer: pujinq Evaluation: The shower spouts out very quickly, and it is more practical.


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Recommended cooling shower 5: Dengle bathroom full copper high shower shower DL-L10308C

Promotion price: 399.00 yuan / set

Editor's comment: This shower head by Denller uses the most advanced gravity casting process, with foam effluent, which effectively prevents splashing. The surface is as bright as a mirror, shining brightly. It can effectively prevent gray and resist scratches. One button controls three water outlet methods. It is easy to switch and simple. It is very affordable to buy products of more than one thousand yuan with the same quality at the price of 399 yuan / set.

Some netizens experience after use:

Buyer: Taotao ’s baby evaluation: evaluation: I told the store that the home nozzle is broken, let it be shipped quickly, I did n’t expect to receive it the next day, the package was written urgently, express, I was very moved, tried it , Much easier to use than my previous one, the water is strong, and the sprayed water is very fine and very comfortable

Buyer: Manshan Fox One evaluation: fast delivery, good service attitude, things are very good and much better than imagined, they have been used very well, the appearance is consistent with the description, the product process is also very fine, super good Worth buying!

Buyer: A tree for a meeting Evaluation: I bought it for the second time and the service is as good as before. Fast delivery. Things haven't been opened yet. I think it's the same as last time. It's a good product. It's very easy to use.

Buyer: Left-handed reflection Left-handed life evaluation: Very good, very cost-effective. It took a few days to evaluate

Buyer: Tempting all sentient beings Evaluation: Very good seller! The quality is very good and very satisfied. The seller's attitude is good and very considerate. The packaging is very careful and strict. Delivery speed is very fast.

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Recommended six cooling shower: Zhongyu bathroom full copper shower JY04826

Promotion price: 688.00 yuan / set

Editor's comment: This shower uses the European imported New Platinum bubbler, which uses clever air force to mix the structure, which can reduce the water consumption of the shower by up to 50%. A Linhua shower, which can cover the body and wash without wasting water, is the first choice for economical and practical families.

Some netizens experience after use:

Buyer: Dora Pig Comments: I received the goods very well ~ Very satisfied ~ The packaging is very strict ~~ But the accessories are waiting for her husband to come back and take a closer look at the acceptance at the weekend ~ But the store customer service is commendable ~~ very attitude Kindly even asked a lot of questions late and answered patiently one by one ~ In addition, I do n’t see the gift of the angle valve beforehand. He also carefully sent the mail directly to me. In short, I am very satisfied ~ I will come to patronize frequently in the future. ^

Buyer: shuangyubaobao Evaluation: The delivery is super fast, the packaging is very strict, it looks good, and it will be evaluated after it is installed. The service is not bad, after all, it is a big brand ~

Buyer: xuaxian Evaluation: Checked, the package is intact, it looks good, it has not been installed, and the installation is used again to add an evaluation. Thank you for the triangle valve sent by the shopkeeper, it is very delicate

Buyer: Wahaha Evaluation: The quality of the shower is super good, and the value for money is excellent. Due to a small accessory, the confirmation is late, the seller is worthy of being the flagship store, and the accessories are reissued very quickly, the shopkeeper service attitude is super good, and a very good store.

Buyer: TM881213 Evaluation: The shopkeeper service is very attentive. I am very satisfied with the goods received. It ’s not necessary to buy it in advance. I ’ll give it a review first, and I ’ll buy a lot of things next time. Several sets must be used for decoration. Thank you. . .

Buyer: Xiaomi loves rice 1 Evaluation: The workmanship is very fine, the weight is full, the grade is very good, very good, I will come next time.


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