What issues should be paid attention to in the printing of wine Chinese labels

Imported wines shall be affixed with Chinese labels according to the regulations. The common contents included in the labels are as follows: grape variety; wine name; harvest year; grade; producing area; ;Alcohol concentration.

It should be noted that not all wine bottles are marked with grape types. Production countries such as Australia and the United States require that a bottle of wine contains more than 75% of a certain grape in order to indicate the name of the variety on the bottle. Traditional European grape producing regions have different regulations, such as Germany and France. If the name of a certain grape variety appears on the label, it means that at least 85% of the wine is made from this grape.

The name of the wine will usually be the name of the winery, or it may be a specific name of the owner, or even the name of the producing area. The year marked on the wine label is the harvest year of the grapes.

Wine-producing countries usually have strict quality control. Different countries have different wine classification methods. Usually, the products of the old world can be seen from the wine label. New World has not been marked because it has no rating system. As far as traditional wine production is concerned, the name of the region on the wine label is an important piece of information. Knowing that it is a wine of a certain production area, you probably know the characteristics and taste of the wine. The bottler is not necessarily the same as the brewer. Wines bottled by the winery will be labeled "Original Winery Bottling", which is generally more precious than wines bottled by wine merchants.

The general capacity of wine is 750ml, there are also 375ml, 250ml and 185ml specially designed for people with small amount of wine and 1500ml, 3000ml and 6000ml products designed for multi-person drinking and banquet. The alcohol concentration is usually expressed in ° or%. The alcohol concentration of wine is usually between 8% and 15%, but the concentration of port wine and sherry is relatively high (about 18% to 23%).

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