Winter skin care collagen Raiders

In winter, the moisture of human skin is easily absorbed by the outdoor air, making the metabolism slow. Eyes are prone to wrinkles in this season due to fewer sebaceous glands. In addition, if the temperature of the hot water bath is too high and the sputum is too hard at night, the use of an excessively alkaline shower gel will easily damage the sebum on the surface of the skin, so that the skin will become drier.


How to solve these annoying skin problems is the key to winter skin care. Everyone knows that many skin problems are caused by lack of water in the skin, so hydrating has become a top priority for us to solve skin problems. Why do some people get tonight? The ground is still so dry on the face. The root cause is the problem of skin absorption. We took it, but our skin didn't absorb us but we didn't know. This is why sometimes we don't stop hydrating why the skin still doesn't feel hydrated. Therefore, the best way to solve our skin dryness problem is to supplement it from the inside out. Experts suggest that moisturizing the skin by oral collagen has become the best choice for winter hydrating skin care. Because the collagen molecule contains hydroxyproline, a large number of hydrophilic groups, the molecular triple helix structure constitutes a fibrous water-locking net, which provides the most favorable conditions for moisturizing our skin. Now that we have found the best solution, let's start the collagen hydrating tour.

Looking at the collagen on the market, there are so many brands that make us look dazzling, domestic, German, and Japanese. Today, Xiaobian introduces one of the most popular pure German quality pure fish collagen, MSKINS collagen. In the process of understanding, we found that MSKINS has been selling well in China for five years, and sales have been leading. There are many diamond members, and a lot of MFAN, why this collagen is loved by so many ladies. It’s no accident that we found this in our deeper understanding. The collagen raw materials of MSKINS are all selected from the deep-sea wild salmon collagen in the North Atlantic Ocean. The carp live in the deep sea all the year round, and the ecosystem is not destroyed and nutritious. Fish collagen is the most suitable collagen for human skin and has been recognized by the beauty industry at home and abroad. The beauty collagen powder itself is the finished product of Germany. There is no secondary processing in China, which guarantees its pure German quality. What are the specific effects of winter skin care MSKINS collagen? I will explain it to you below.

One of the beauty skin care effects of winter skin moisturizing, whitening and tenderifying skin

The content of hydroxyproline in the collagen molecule is as high as 12.6%, which is much higher than that of similar brands, because one of the key factors determining the absorption of collagen on human skin collagen fiber is hydroxyproline in collagen. The content. The triple-spiral peptide chain structure locks the water to lock the body's moisture, leaving the skin moisturized, delicate, shiny, eliminating dark yellow and melanin to achieve whitening effect, making your skin silky and moist like a newborn baby. .

Beauty Collagen Winter Skin Care 2 restores skin elasticity and repairs fine lines

Female friends lost a lot of collagen in their bodies after the age of 25, which is much higher than the rate of male loss. This is also why men look younger than women in middle age. After oral administration of collagen, it can quickly replenish lost collagen to repair collapsed skin, improve relaxation, tighten skin, repair skin fine lines, and regain the youthful beauty of the girlhood.

Beauty Collagen Winter Skin Care 3 softens hair and brightens hair

If the hair lacks collagen, it will appear dry and split, and the addition of beautiful collagen will enable you to get rich nutrition, solve the problem of hair splitting and dryness, and make your hair shiny and elastic.

Beauty collagen winter skin care effect of the four breasts hips, reshape the perfect curve

As the age changes, the female body curve begins to change, the chest begins to shrink and sag, and the hips and hips are not tight when young, especially after the birth of the child. Oral beauty collagen can play a role in contracting breast connective tissue, can make the loose tissue firm, hold up the sagging breasts, make the breasts tall, plump, elastic, and return to the proud curve of the girlhood.

The beauty of collagen winter skin care role in addition to dark circles, eliminate eye bags

I often work overtime and stay up all night, facing the computer screen for a long time, and lack of sleep leads to dark circles and increased eye bags. Supplemental beauty collagen can restore cortical stretch net, improve skin toughness, reduce and eliminate wrinkles, eye lines, dark circles, red blood, and reverse aging process.

MM who are mad at winter skin care, began to pamper themselves, I hope that Xiaobian's explanation can bring help to the crowd, cheering together, resisting the harsh winter, and come to whiten and protect yourself.

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