Wrigley Wardrobe: When the gardenia blooms, the dream blooms

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In the summer, He Wei’s film director’s debut, “Zizihuakai”, swept across the country. The film tells the story of a group of young people with young dreams, love and friendship in the process of achieving their dreams. The joyful story, the youthfulness of the bloom, let the "Zizihuakai" completely stand out from the youth films, and become the most exciting heat wave this summer.

Wrigley Wardrobe


Youth is the season of dreams! Several young girls of different personalities in the film are closely connected with the love and dedication of ballet, and struggle for the colorful Paris dream. It can be said that you can reach the dream of going to Paris. I have to say that Paris, a city that is extremely romantic and fashionable, is a city of dreams that everyone pursues.

In the season when the gardenia blooms, the dream will continue! Do you have a long-awaited Parisian dream? Dreaming of the beloved, she is in the Champs Elysees, strolling in the flowery streets, enjoying the elegant and supreme leisure. Stylish and romantic taste... Anxious! Wrigley closet combines the unique romantic and fashionable atmosphere of Paris, and strives to create a new series of “Love in Paris” to help the dream bloom, so that you can feel the dream city at any time. !

Wrigley closet Paris love picture

Wrigley closet "Love in Paris" makes the Paris dream at your fingertips! The unique white paulownia dark grain of the cabinet is delicate and textured; the classic white and dark coffee door panels are separated by two, the unique matte darkness is vivid, texture and The beauty is perfectly blended, and the dream of fashion and romance unique to Paris is born! Every day, with the beloved TA, squatting in the "Paris Love" cloakroom, collecting happiness, how can it be a wonderful word!

Wrigley closet "Love in Paris" makes perfect storage no longer a dream! Modern and simple humanized design, the subtle treatment of details, so that the storage space of Heiner River has everything. The storage area, display area, hanging area and other functional partitions are laid out up and down. The unique design of the rich functional parts is only what you can't think of, and you can't enjoy it. The corner-rotating hangers, the top-mounted clothes hangers and the tie racks are cleverly designed to meet the different needs of long and short clothes hanging; the smart sensory clothes and the hidden fitting mirrors can be easily assembled even if the lights are dim; smart safes, valuables hidden A great place to go; telescopic ironing hangers are always perfect when you need them, and you can do whatever you want.

Wrigley closet "Love in Paris" is a perfect combination of modern urban fashion elements, inner human design, perfect interpretation of romantic, quiet modern urban life. Your "Paris Dream", my "Paris Dream", her "Paris Dream", just like this, when the gardenia blooms, it blooms!

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