Yang Mi’s home life behind the scenes

又爆三角恋传闻 杨幂幕后的居家生活大曝光

With the popularity of the TV series "Palace", the popularity of the actor Yang Mi has also skyrocketed, and is now the first of the new "four small flowers" in the Mainland. After Yang Mi’s popularity, the topic of rumors continued, and Yang Mi, who was the first idol couple on the screen, and Feng Shaofeng’s play outside the show, loved each other, and their feelings were tangled. No matter how entangled she is with the male stars, what I want to share with you today is the photo of Yang Mi’s exposed home. Let’s take a look at what Yang Mi is doing.


This is the home of Yang Mi.


Usually available, Yang Mi will brush the copy with the assistant from time to time.


Playing very aggressive Yang Mi


Yang Mi, talking to the assistant

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