Yang Mi sexy "tidal makeup" trend full of children

Yang Mi's "Singer" debut show debuted in the "Song of the Songs" Guangzhou Carnival with sexy "Chao makeup", breaking the cute and sweet impression of the past, and turned into a charming female singer with a full-fledged trend, causing a sensation.

Yang Mi "Tide Makeup" NO.1 shiny eye makeup

Yang Mi sexy "tidal makeup" trend full of children

Black and shiny shawl long hair, let Yang Mi exude a sexy hot femininity, with clear and shiny eye makeup, not only makes the eyes look deeper and more profound, and the outline of Yang Mi's attitude is quite distinct, highlighting Yang Mi's cool and fascinating side.

Yang Mi "Tide Makeup" NO.2 asymmetric disk

Yang Mi sexy "tidal makeup" trend full of children

The asymmetrical disk vents the emotions of the metamorphosis, and the eyes are smudged with rose eyeshadow. Under the outline of the black smooth eyeliner, the charming expression is added with a clear outline, with matte pink lips, which echoes the smoke. Eye makeup, also revealed the feminine flavor of Yang Mi.

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