Yashilin's analysis of the requirements for testing conditions of salt spray test chamber

The weather conditions, power supply conditions, water conditions and other conditions of the salt spray test chamber shall be in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 4 of GB/T8170.1-2008. The content is as follows:

First, the climatic conditions

1, temperature: 15 ° C ~ 35 ° C;

2. Relative humidity: no more than 85% RH;

3. Air pressure: 80 kPa to 106 kPa.

Note: For large equipment or for some reason, the equipment should not be tested under the above conditions, the actual climatic conditions should be recorded in the inspection report. When the relevant standards require strict control of environmental conditions, they shall be separately specified in the standard.

Second, the power supply conditions: meet the power requirements of the equipment.

Third, water conditions: meet the water requirements related to equipment.

Fourth, other conditions:

1. There is no strong impact, vibration, electromagnetic field and corrosive gas around the equipment;

2. The equipment should be protected from direct sunlight or other sources of heat and cold.

The appearance and safety requirements of the salt spray test chamber shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 8 of GB/T8170.1-2008. The content is as follows:

1. The name, model, main performance index, production plant, equipment number, and manufacturing year of the equipment to be inspected shall be clearly marked.

Second, the control instrument, setting instrument and indicating instrument of the equipment to be inspected shall not have defects that obviously affect performance.

Third, the various safety alarm protection devices of the equipment to be inspected should work normally.


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